Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo Ops

The sun is still shy here. It peeped out for a few seconds...long enough to get our hopes up, and our tennis shoes tied, but then slipped behind the clouds.
We decided to walk anyhow. I think today set some kind of record low for this date, so we had to put on sweatshirts, and long pants. 
When we circled the barn, I spotted a chameleon on the back of the barn so I snapped this photo. 
I bought paint and a sprayer this past weekend and I'll be replacing the last few boards and slapping on a fresh coat of paint soon. As I was surveying what all needed to be replaced, this little guy scooted down to offer his opinion.
Also as we walked, Jilda noticed the hydrangeas have begun to bloom. In years past, they've bloomed much earlier, but it's been an odd spring here.
There are literally hundreds of wild hydrangeas down in the hollow. 
I have a couple interviews tomorrow, so it will be an early night tonight.
It is my wish that you all have a remarkable week.


  1. Always take advantage of the photo ops ... yep, that's my motto ;)

    Hope you have a remarkable week also, and that your interviews are pleasant as well as interesting.

  2. Good look with the interview! And the cameleon is so cute :)

  3. Beautiful chameleon and wild hydrangeas!! Yay!!

    Have a great Tuesday! take care

  4. I noticed that our hydrangea is also beginning to bloom. You are right about the strange spring, it must be so everywhere. Here is has been very cool, but things don't seem to be very much behind schedule--that I have noted anyway.

    I am glad the chameleon gave its input on your project. One would hate to disappoint the wildlife with updates! :)

    Hope the weather calms enough for you to get your painting done.

  5. Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing them. =o)

  6. oak leaf hydrangea (right?). my sister has one. I love hydrangeas but don't seem able to grow them.

  7. It's a bit chilly today in SC when the clouds cover the sun. It's at least 10 degrees cooler than it should be.

  8. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I haven't seen much of the sun lately either. Its been hiding for the last four days and will continue to for another two :( I need sun soon so I can all that I planned on this week. I love your pictures! Hopefully the warm weather and sun will take the hint and finally show their faces :D

  9. I'll be interested to see the barn all painted.


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