Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deer Lesson

I was a little later putting out corn for the deer this evening. I alway rattle the corn in the plastic container I use to carry feed to their spot. I dump most of the corn out and then rattled the remainder in the bottom of the  large cup.
Someone once told me that deer can hear like bats, but I was never sure if it was true. Tonight when I rattled the corn and stepped the hundred steps back to our fence, Jilda called to me from the deck. Look!
I turned to see two young deer scrambling up to feed.
I leaned in, draped my arms over fence, and watched our four legged friends for a while. When I went inside to wash up for dinner, I glanced through the window and the small deer was checking out our peas.
I'm guessing the ones we planted outside the fence won't make it.
Note to self: If you feed the deer close enough to watch them, they will not only eat the corn, but the garden too.


  1. Awww how lovely!! You are so blessed to have such shy creatures come close to you!! Awwww - the ones I see here dart off pretty quickly at the sight/smell of humans so it's such a priviledge to obvserve them at close range! Thanks for looking out for them!! And yes, I think it's goodbye to the garden outside your fence! Take care

  2. Thats a great one. When they are so close I'm always amazed.

  3. There are very few things the deer won't eat, which, much as I like them and like to see them, I am glad that none live in my area.


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