Monday, May 09, 2011

Smart Kids

   I spoke tonight at the academic banquet for my old high school alma mater. I guess I pictured thirty or forty people, but the number was closer to two hundred. The kids, their parents, grand parents, and others.
   The principal who is a friend of mine, told me that these were some of the brightest kids in the county and that he'd passed out scorecards.  He said I'd be graded at the end of my talk on a olympic-like scale. 
   So many points for contents, so many points for style, so many points for use of facts and humor. I pictured in my mind, kids holding up cards 4.5 --  5.1 -- 3.8 -- 6.2 and so on. That pep talk from the principal really helped a great deal :)
   As it turns out, I was a bit nervous, but I made it through without any major calamities or turret's outbursts.
  I'm not sure if my message on the importance of education hit home, or not but I don't think you can hear that message too much when you're young. I really wish I'd heard it more.

  The reality is, most folks find their way. Everybody makes mistakes, misqueues, and blunders. The trick is, not to repeat them too often.
 When I looked into the faces of the kids tonight, I felt hope. Even thought they have a long and circuitous, road ahead, I got the feeling that some of them will go on to do something remarkable -- at least, that is what I choose to believe.


  1. What a treat you got with this.

    The only advice I can give someone is don't give up. The number of times I've paniced and made myself calm own and go at it again to then succeed is remarkable.

  2. I believe that if parents show their children that education is important by being involved, knowing what's going on, being interested in what the children are learning those children will succeed.
    Hope the kids did absorb some of your how did they rate you?

  3. I say your talk was a perfect 10! Take care

  4. Score? He didn't actually give them scorecards, he was just fooling with me.
    Had he given them cards, I would have scored more than I feared, and less than I would have liked :)

  5. That's the one thing my parents never pushed was education. You just had to get a full time job when you got out of school. No loafing around!

  6. Rick,
    Sounds like it was "scary-fun" which is often the best kind. :)

    They were fortunate to have you.


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