Monday, May 02, 2011

Still No Internet

Hey All,
 We still don't have Internet access at home so we have to drive to a town about 15 miles away to a McDonalds that has Internet access.
 Neither of us has had much time anyhow. We've been helping our neighbors in Sipsey clear debris and look through the woods for pictures, car titles and other small pieces of their lives.
 Yesterday morning a truckload of men from a black church in a nearby town converged on the neighborhood and fanned out. They started helping anyone who needed a hand.
 Church ladies with hotdogs, buckets of fried chicken, and cold tea came through feeding workers and families affected by the disaster.
  As we worked, more people from all over converged with trucks, chainsaws, generators, cases of water, ice and anything else you could think of.
 I was proud, and humbled by the outpouring for this small community. I know it will be  a very long time before things are back to normal here in Alabama. I have pictures and video, but it will take some time to put it together. And of course, I will need Internet access.
 Charter says they will be out in the morning and hopefully I can get back to my daily blogging. I can only hope. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Please take care. It's great to see the community pulling together and looking out for each other. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. x

  2. Good people make such a wonderful difference in this world.

  3. Jilda and you take care. I'm trying to work out logistics to come and lend a hand. I have made donations that are somewhere now in Alabama. My thoughts and prayers.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Not a have to take care of your home and help others where you can! It's always a wonderful thing to hear the positive side of a tragic situation...thanks for sharing!

  5. As all the devastating events in this world unfold each day, I'm always so uplifted by the kindness and generous acts of regular folks just helping any way possible. Angels don't always have wings do they. Take care and stay safe.

  6. This post just sent shivers up my spine with the description of the outpouring of help that people give. If I weren't physically unable or financially strapped right now we'd be down there doing something. I'm so glad you and Jilda are able to help people. So proud to call you guys my friends.

  7. Thanks y'all. We ran down to a McDonalds near where she teaches yoga on Monday night so that she could post.
    I'm thinking about moving in here. There's a nice table back near the bathroom with a nice view of the drive thru.:)

  8. How wonderful that chruch friends have come to help!! People helping others by making lemonade from lemons. They are the real heros of the world!!

  9. Don't worry about us we can always read old blog posts!

    Glad things are progressing and the miracle of our lives is the kindness of strangers and those not so strange.

  10. Im happy you are safe!


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