Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've been feeling puny today. Not sure why, but the energy is low, creativity is in the negative zone, and my elbow itches. 
And here's the kicker. Everywhere I went today, people were talking about all kinds of injuries, illnesses, and other maladies. That itself is not that strange, but every time someone started talking about what was going on with them, I'd immediately become symptomatic. 
When an old guy at Wal-Mart mentioned that his wife had shingles, my nerve endings (another borrowed graphic) around my neck started burning. 
Another guy mentioned that his knees were giving him problems, and I swear, mine squeaked when turned to walk away. Thank goodness no one mentioned tuberculosis, or diarrhea.  
Why does our brains do this at times? 
A few moments ago, Jilda mentioned that she felt like she was coming down with strep throat. You guessed it! I'm signing off now and I'm going to gargle, drink some hot tea, and go to bed because my throat hurts.


  1. Oh no!!! You're an empath!!! Awww that's so sweet in a way, you feel others' pain!!

    I hope you and Jilda get better!! Take it easy - take care x

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Stop!! Now I feel sick! Ok so maybe I don't really. That is just horrible I hope you and Jilda feel better soon! I have something waiting for you over at my blog :D

  3. At least Jilda is not pregnant. My dad swore he had sympathy morning sickness almost every morning for a couple of months when my mom carried her first child. She, however, never was sick!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. A day or so of quiet alone time might cure you right up! When people tell me about their illness I always think, thank God I don't have that! SMILE

  5. If I tell you I feel great would you believe it? Even though I'm lying, believe it. It's the weather.


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