Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No More Whining About the Cold

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I was whining about the cold weather? Well, I take it back.
This evening at 4 p.m. when we headed over to Sipsey to post flyers for Jilda's stress management (post traumatic stress) classes that's she's doing for the survivors of the tornadoes.  On the way over, she looked up the weather on her phone and it was 97 degrees in Empire. That's not "feels like" temps but actual mercury bumping the top of the glass.
I had the carpenter and another guy here today helping me paint the house. We got started at 7 a.m. buy by noon, we all looked like we'd taken a swim with our clothes on. We finally quit at two and I felt like I'd been run through an old Maytag wringer.
One of the guys is coming back tomorrow for a few hours to finish up and I'll post some photos of the house once the scaffolding is down and the construction debris is removed from the yard.
By this weekend, I'll be totally finished up with the house and I should also have the barn painted. I'm afraid if the heat holds out, we won't be able to complete the renovation of the creative space until fall.
It's fairly early, but I hear the bed calling me.
Y'all have a great week.


  1. I'll bet the humidity is high where you live too! It still isn't hot here yet, it usually waits until July. Have a good rest.

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    What extremes. We have been having the same thing. Less than 4 days ago it was raining and 47 degrees. Yesterday and today it was in the 90s and still raining!

  3. OH that's much too hot! Oh dear!! Take care in such heat!! Bed time sounds like a good plan! Take care

  4. It's always a good feeling to see the end of a project. With all you took on, it's probably a GREAT feeling.

  5. I am so glad I live in boring wales where the weather is always generally wet and cool!


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