Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'd give $10 for an original thought right now. I'm talkin' cash in your pocket. Money that you could spend to buy.....well, you couldn't be a lot, but you could put a down payment on a Starbuck coffee drink.  
My head's as empty as a whistle, without that little ball that dances around when you blow. And speaking of that, what is that little ball for? Can somebody riddle me that?  
If I had a dollar for all the things I DON'T know, I could pay off the national debt and provide healthcare coverage for every citizen of the U.S. for the next 100 years.
How is it that someone can live to be as old as I am and be so ill-informed? It's a mystery! Where does a fire go when it goes out?  And, how long is a short piece of rope?
Anyhow, since I'm running on empty, this will be a short post tonight. I need to go somewhere quite and ponder.


  1. One of your posts from 2005 talks about becoming a writer, observing the little things around you, learning to describe them using all of the senses. You described an antique lamp on your desk.

    Have you ever written anything about the railroad pictured in your photo? (Haven't had the time to read through all of your posts.) Did trains run through your town when you were a kid? (Yes, I like trains, especially steam.) Just an idea. You may donate my $10 to charity. :)

  2. I am pondering a few things, too, today... sometimes life is just tougher than others.

    Have a peaceful thought ... or two.

  3. Answers: A short piece of rope is too short to reach anything you need to reach.

    The fire doesn't go anywhere when it goes out. The thing burning cools below the temperature a flame can dance.

    Idea worth $10:

    Write about the southern tradition of taking care of the graves of your family. It once was an all day event where people gathered at the cemetary and almost like a picnic as food was involved. Now for me it's just me going and putting a fresh artificial stone cap on the plot stone and making sure the grass clippings are brushed off.

  4. LOL!! Sometimes quiet reflection and de-cluttering one's head is great for you!!! Means more space next time for the next batch of info overload! Enjoy your peace and pondering! Take care

  5. Time to reflect, not bad :)


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