Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 hours on 4 wheels

We headed out to North Carolina this morning and it's been a beautiful day for driving. But right now, I'm bone tired.
Fortunately, Jilda's class doesn't begin until tomorrow afternoon, so we can relax in the morning and drink coffee by the pool.
It's not as cool here as I imagined.
It's bed time now.
Phil Campbell High School update -- they've moved into third place with 15,300 votes and are less than a thousand votes behind second place.
I can't thank you all enough.

Phil Campbell High School  Vote Here


  1. It sounds like a perfect getaway. I'm excited that your school is moving up!

  2. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Third place.Just keep going folks! We gotta win this for them!
    Coffee will help you through the day I am sure:)

  3. Gone and voted again! Yay! Take care

  4. We will keep going to vote. We will do our best to win it for them... Have a good rest sir!


  5. Less than 600 behind second place now!

  6. Thank you for your visit Rick. Drinking coffee by the pool sounds so right :-)


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