Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show out

Yesterday was overcast with a mist so thick at times I had to turn on my wipers.
We've been anxiously awaiting the autumn color. I fished for a few hours yesterday morning and as I turned onto river road, you could see a change in the oak and hickory. They are not there yet but they will be soon. You can expect some pictures of that.
After lunch we ran by the funeral home to do a quick visit with one of Jilda's cousins who lost her husband earlier this week.
As we turned into the driveway, I spotted this maple that decided it was time to show out.
I slowed, rolled down the window and snapped this shot with my iPhone as we passed slowly by. The sky was still overcast and looked washed out in the photo so I used Photoshop to frame the maple.
The techgods must have heard my pleading last night because my upgrade went flawlessly.
Other than losing some bookmarks on my Audible app, everything else works as expected.
Both our contracts are up on our phones at the end of the year and I'm thinking about getting us new iPhones. The camera is even better than the one I have now and the video is better too.
Last night I dreamed I made a full length movie using my iPhone. It won all kinds of awards for originality. I'm not sure what that dream came from but I woke up smiling this morning.
Today was a beautiful day and tomorrow is supposed to be nice too. I hope you all have remarkable weekends.


  1. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Glorious colour.

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Awesome tree! I just arrived back from vacation from Indiana and the golds, browns, reds, mingled in with the green was just absolutely breath taking....btw ...looking for any movie stars for you movies...? LOL

  3. So, SO BEAUTIFUL. I've never been to Alabama, but you've made me want to. Especially when paired with the charming accents ya'll have. Love it!

  4. When you have the new phone, Jilda will star in your movie and win an Academy Award for best actress and you'll win best screenplay and best director and we'll all say, Oh, we knew they could do it.


  5. Yehey! You are feeling good now Sir Rick! I like that... U r a sure winner...


    Btw, my sister is asking for my iPhone4, i might get the new one for myslef on Xmas!

  6. Autumn brings such brilliancy to our world. Nature's fireworks!

  7. Beautiful picture. I'm so glad your upgrade went well. I was thinking of you yesterday when I read a news report that said lots of people were having problems upgrading. I was hoping you weren't one of them!

  8. So today you must go out and make a video- that was your future calling from your subconscious!

  9. Lovely picture! The leaves won't turn in Texas for at least another month. You have a fabulous weekend as well.

  10. What a lovely dream! And what a beautiful tree! Sorry to hear about Jilda's cousin's loss...that's sad :(

  11. Beautiful colour. The weekends seem to come quicker and go quicker these days. Thank you so much for visiting my blog

  12. So pretty! Our color is almost gone..this will probably be the best weekend. The wind and rain is taking it's toll! Then the cold is creeping up..when it's in the 30's at night I'm thinking...brrrrrrr, I need some hot cocoa! Have a good weekend!

  13. Telling your dream of making a movie on your iPhone would make a great ad for Apple. Ha. The colors on the tree are great, no wonder you just had to capture it.


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