Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Boy Panties

I guess my column in Sunday's paper read like I was depressed. I got several calls from readers wanting to know if I was planning to quit writing.
I was in one of those moods after reading a couple of killer stories by Rick Bragg, and a short story by Dale Short. As writers sometimes do when they're feeling insecure about their work, I wrote a poor, poor, pitiful me column.
It was not my intention to come off so downbeat. Jilda has a way of addressing these moods by saying stuff like -- "Stop being such a big whiny baby" or "why don't you put your big boy panties on and just write."  I tried to conjure up that image in my head but it was much too scary.
The good thing is that these introspective, self spanking, moods are short lived. I whipped out a column yesterday in about 10 minutes on my love affair with coffee. I'll post it next Monday night after it runs on Sunday.
I have a writing workshop tomorrow and I've scheduled a couple of interviews afterwards. 
I'm upgrading the software on my iPhone tonight -- y'all pray for me :)


  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    glad you shook it off

  2. Here's to a peaceful upgrade!

  3. I guess we all have those days - and it's nice you have someone to "energize" you - although I would hope that they are big boy boxers or briefs, not panties. (None of my business though.) :-))

  4. Don't do the software update! I updated my iphone and it's been a mess ever since!

  5. Boy, that Jilda packs a wallop, doesn't she? :)

    Onward and upward ... to darned near anywhere. ...Marsha

  6. From what I hear on the news it's good you have an iphone and not a blackberry. Never a doubt that you were throwing in the towel...way too many lovely stories yet to tell in that there brain trust!


    PS Sounds like a very exciting day tomorrow!

  7. Anonymous11:37 PM

    What can I say.Every great writer should be allowed days like that:) He will get over it and his readers as well;)

  8. Ahh, the transparent life of a writer.
    I'm wary of people who claim to be "slappy happy"
    24/7. No way, no how.

  9. I'm glad you're out of your blue. Good luck with the updating!

  10. Another candidate for the Insecure Writer's Support Group - we can make it the Insecure Writers' Support Group ;) I think every writer published or otherwise goes through periods of doubt.
    Good luck with the upgrade. I had a Blackberry on my wishlist for Christmas, now I'm not so sure ;)

  11. Self-spanking?!!? LOL! Sounds suitably kinky! LOL!

    Oh ok - sorry - just that the phrase just made me giggle! Take care

  12. You seem to be better and busy with many projects right now. That is good news. I had to smile at li's comment about men's "underwear". My grandmother would have said, "Put on your big boy drawers".

  13. I woin't tell you what I was thinking when I read the title: "Big Boy Panties!!"

  14. you're not alone on that. everyone do feel the same sometimes, others even oftentimes. but it will pass. just to make things balance. if it will be fun and happy times always, how do we know what the bad ones are if we dont see and feel it sometimes.

    i always admire your openness, your jokes, seriousness and sense of humour Prof Watson! :-)



  15. All artists are tortured souls my friend. I often have moments like that!

  16. Thanks for the spark of humor and perspective. I got beat up at the critique meeting last night, and enjoyed your column. If all we had were mountain tops, how would we know the joy of climbing?

    And remember, it's only kinky the first time.

  17. Thanks all for your comments. Jilda has a unique way of putting things into perspective.
    I had a great day today.
    I interviewed a woman who just celebrated her 90 birthday.
    She was given up for adoption in Holland and she navigated through foster homes and managed to get advanced degrees in math and physics.
    She later emigrated to the US where she worked as a researcher in physics and higher math. She was quite a lady.

  18. Gee no one is 100% all the time! And go luck on your upload - hope it worked.


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