Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early Snow

I saw a picture of Vermont on my news reader tonight.  An early snow cloaked the landscape and the trees looked as if they'd been wrapped in gauze. Off in the distance you could see the sun shining and I can imagine that skiers all over the north east were ecstatic. 
If I'd grown up around snow I think I would have been a skier, but here in Alabama we don't get that much snow.  The only time I ever tried to ski was when I was in the Army.
I was stationed at Fort Monmouth and one of my buddies lived in Watertown, New York. He invited me to go home with him one weekend and so we boarded a bus out of New Jersey and headed northward. 
I took my guitar with me and sat on the back row of the bus and played old songs. I didn't know how people would react, but the bus was about half full and a bunch of people moved to the back. 
We had a sing along late into the night.
When we got to Watertown, a fresh snow blanketed the ground so we headed to the slopes. The hardest part for me was dismounting from the ski lift. I fell down every time I got off.
I also spent more time on my rear end than I spent on the skies, but I still had a great time.
The return trip wasn't nearly as much fun because we didn't leave for home until late Sunday afternoon and we had to be back on base by Monday morning.
We tried to sleep on the road but were unsuccessful. I was 20 then and my body bounced back with remarkable speed. If I went three days without sleep now, I'd require hospitalization.
Anyhow, I hope the folks in the north east get some quality skiing in this weekend.
Y'all have a great Sunday.


  1. I never learned to ski and grow up near Mt. Hood. Your trip sounds like it was a grand one. My dad lives in Watertown. Snow. Seems so early in the season. Im sure you are right all the skiers are happy and ready for some time on the slopes.

  2. I've only gone cross-country skiing and enjoyed it very much. I loved your story of your experience. My grandson snowboards and will be happy when snow comes here.

  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    We never have snow in North Island of New Zealand.Actually after 70 years it snowed here for the first time.It was like miracle.All the people were on the streets and we hastily made sleighs out of what we could find(ours was washing basket).So much fun.NO i can not other than water ski(and that very little):
    Back to our would be a shame if they miss out..more people for the sprint..everyone you know .Who has make those Face book accounts work!Putting the link on my blog!(should have done it before:(

  4. Like you, I did not grow up around snow but we could go up to the San Bernardino mountains to see snow. I grew up in southern California. The beach was the big deal not the mountains so much. The bus trip sounds like a blast though. Singing on the bus and enjoying every minute at your friend's family home. You are right, when you are young, loss of some sleep isn't as tiring. I voted.

  5. I'm sitting in Port Canaveral right now looking at all of the pictures of snow up North. It's pretty, but in another three weeks we will be on our way North and hope the roads are clear when we have to make the trip.

  6. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Hi Rick, I've vote for the college :) hope they'll win! I miss snow and real winters sometimes - here in Ireland it rains mostly, however the past winters has been a bit rough. But back home in Sweden it was more common to see snow at this time of year, I do love the crisp air and the snow covering the ground.
    Have a great Sunday!

  7. Skiing is something I've always wanted to try. Ah well, one day ... :-)

  8. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Oh to be young again when snow meant fun and staying up all night was nothing.....
    I didn't think, being Canadian, that I could vote but decided to take a look anyway and..surprise..I could.

  9. When I was 20, I was superwoman. These days, I'm supergranny.

    Oh wow - snow!!! That means Christmas is just round the corner - hooorah! Take care

  10. From what I heard, though, the East Coast got about a foot of heavy, wet snow. That sort is pretty yucky for skiing; it sticks to your skis and makes you move sluggishly. Light, fluffy powder is what gets skiers excited. However, we have only had light dustings of snow in the mountains here, so our resorts haven't opened just yet.
    And I'm really glad we didn't get a foot of slushy, wet stuff in the valley! Ugh! That's the worst kind to shovel, too, as it weighs twice as much as the fluffy kind. Those poor Vermonters!

  11. Growing up NJ I am very familiar with Ft. Monmouth! And the commissary! My friends parents used to shop there and get cigarettes for us dirt cheap. Living most of my life up north, I still never skied. Too clutzy. But I ice skated. Fun post Rick. Bet that was a fun bus ride.

  12. I used to ski when I was young...but it never was a fav thing of mine to do..besides, how hilly is Chicago? I was klunked on the head by the lift chair on a few occasions. That explains alot doesn't it.

  13. I have never skied. I would spend most of the time on my backside, I know it, and have to resort to the bar..

  14. I've never been skiing, but I do like ice skating.We got 8 inches here yesterday - and lost power. looks pretty, but a little too early in the season for my taste!

  15. I may have been born in Hartford, CT, but I grew up in Miami, FL...snow is just white sh_t that does not belong on the ground.


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