Saturday, October 08, 2011


I took Jilda to the after hours clinic this afternoon and tests showed she had another bacterial infection. The doc told her that if I got to feeling puny, I should come in immediately.
I'd felt great all day, but the moment I heard those words, I felt a burning in the back of my throat, and my nose started running.
I told myself that that there is NO WAY I'm getting sick this weekend and that's that. So, I've said it. My throat felt better immediately and my nose is no longer running.
The earlier symptoms had to be psychosomatic....or at least I hope they were. I'll know by morning.
I think I'm going to make a toddy like Jilda's grandmother used to make with peppermint candy and Jack Daniels and hit the sack.
Stay well everyone, and have a great Sunday.


  1. Hope that toddy works really well and tomorrow shows no signs of any illness. And hoping Jilda feels much better.

  2. Hope that you feel great in the morning. Hope Jilda sleeps well too.
    - Joy

  3. Hope Jilda's feeling better tomorrow, and that your toddy works.

  4. Hope you both are feeling good and can enjoy your Sunday. You need some "Jewish Penicillin"...aka matzo ball soup!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Nothing like the old comfort remedies. Take care.

  6. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Oh I do hope JIlda is getting better soon.Those are nasty infections....but can be treated.And Toddy doesn't help there..but does obviously for you:)

  7. Did the doctor put Jilda on meds or is she going the natural healing route? I sure hope you don't catch it and that Jilda feels better very soon.

  8. I hope you are still feeling OK!

  9. Hot toddies all round!! I hope you and Jilda get plenty of rest and get better soon!! take care

  10. I haven't heard the word toddy, in years my parents always had hod toddy's.

  11. Guess it's getting to be the sneezy, wheezy time of year again. WINTER... drat.


  12. I am usually the one who's dealing with the health issue but I do empathize. I like your approach to health concerns. I hope you both feel fine. I stop by here for a dose of good sense and to see what's going on on the other side of the country. God bless you both. tr

  13. Sorry to hear she's sick. Hope you're both ok!!

  14. Love and feel better soon Jilda.


  15. My grandma swore by hot toddies. Hope it helps and that Jilda gets better soon.


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