Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Who Knew

iPads for $39.95; Genie Bra, look lifted and younger without adjusting straps; Language Experts, Trick you brain into learning a foreign language fast!
Can you believe all the neat stuff that Google Gmail thinks is spam? What are we missing? I mean, who wouldn't want to fill lifted and younger without adjusting your straps? How could that be considered spam?
And, just between you and me, I'd love to trick my brain....but I wouldn't trick into learning a foreign language fast, I'd trick into becoming smarter, more creative, and better at planning.
I clear my spam bucket out about every three days. I deleted everything Sunday and today I have 1704 messages that went straight to spam.
I'd call the people that send this stuff stupid, but I'm guessing that for every million or so messages they send, they'll get a few hits. Some poor sap will use a credit card to take advantage of the "enlargement special" but the only thing that gets bigger is the balance on his credit card.  Then he'll be telling his friends, who knew?


  1. I get so annoyed at all the junk mail I have to deal with, but every once in awhile it just amazes me the schemes they cook up to try and hook you!

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    They are making money so they won't stop until they ARE stopped somehow. I never open that stuff, just delete delete delete.

  3. I clear out my spam folder every few days but I'm not as popular as you....thank God.

  4. Anonymous12:33 AM

    I never ever have spam(knock knock on piece of wood).However last few days getting message from google..that some starnge activity is noticed on my e mail account so I can not sign in before I send them my mobile number and they will send me a code to sign in?!Secret admirer? Another Google trick to get mor einformation from youi? Is taht spam? Or something else?

  5. What concerns me most is that there are very vulnerable people out there who get suckered into the spam email - esp the ones that are supposedly from "banks". It's a nasty evil crime - boo to these spammers! Take care

  6. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I can remember when there was not a spam filter and it all hit your main inbox...grrrrrrr

  7. i do need to delete my spam folder or my macbook will explode. LOL! Nice one. made me laugh...


  8. For some reason, I seem to be inundated with beautiful Russian girls who want to take care of me :-)

  9. Spam? Don't get it anymore. Nothing in the folder. I RULE!



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