Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Jilda had a private yoga class with her friend Becky today and she met another friend for lunch. That left me lunch-partnerless today.
I went to see my my mom and took her some potato soup. Afterwards I drove down town Jasper to deposit a check and I ran by the Blackrock Bistro.
They've been located out on the highway for some time but made the decision to move downtown across from the courthouse. They have great food.
Jilda and I ate there after the Heritage Festival on Saturday.
We both had oyster poboys. The oysters were fried to perfection and the sauce and other stuff they put on there is scrumptious.
So today I decided to try the shrimp poboy. I sent Jilda a text to "rub it in"a little and then placed my order.
She fired back a scathing reply because she was lunching at a fast food place.
I smiled as I sipped my sweat and awaited my order. When it arrived, I saw that it had boatload of shrimp on it with all the other stuff.
I snapped this photo and texted that to Jilda as well.
I knew I'd pay when I got home, but it was worth it.
What can I say, I love good food and it's all her fault. Before I met her all I ate was butterbeans, cornbread and meat. I'd never had an oyster or shrimp in my mouth before I met her in 1968.
Anyhow, we're heading out of town tomorrow. Jilda has yoga training for post traumatic stress, and I have to ....... well, I have to write, fish, and hunt for places that serves good food.
I know it's a tough gig, but I feel up to it. We have a house sitter coming in to tend the dogs, the fish, the deer, and the chickens.
Y'all have a great Thursday.
Below is a quick update on Phil Campbell High School. They're battling for 4th place now thanks for you all. When I first started blogging about this on Saturday, they had 4200 and weren't in the top ten.
When I looked just now, they have 11,629 votes and have moved into 4th place.
I contacted the local CBS affiliate in Birmingham today and she promised to do a story on it. When I contacted James Spann, the famous Birmingham weather man, he started blogging, Facebooking, and tweeting about Phil Campbell. He has thousands of followers.
Since they've moved into the top ten, I'm sending one link.
Help Phil Campbell High School band


  1. That meal looks delicious. Have fun both of you.

  2. Rick...seriously? Really...seriously. You have now written two posts back to back extolling the delights of po-boys..oyster and shrimp. You are killing me man! Lucky for you we are planning on venturing downtown to our favorite New Orleans transplanted chef's restaurant on Saturday for my daughter's birthday. He trained at Commander's Palace but all my husband ever wants when we go is an oyster po-boy. Only place in town you can get a real deal po- poy and Chef Brian only moved here after Katrina. Only good thing to come out of that she devil storm. Chef Brian always laughs when we walk in and says 'Yeah, I know oyster po-boys'. Good thing I bring a crowd 'cause he hasn't lynched us or banned us yet.
    (That and the fact my daughter waitressed for him save my place at his table...)
    PS I've got ppl on my FB page voting too! woop woop!

  3. Have a great trip. You are naughty with texting to Jilda and then sending her that photo of that scrummy looking food!

  4. Anonymous3:12 AM

    So you still got a ood lunch,saw your mum,pretty good day.Couldn't vote today on the glee site because it wouldn't work forsome reason:(Will keep trying

  5. You rascal. Jilda ate at a regular fast food place? I feel sorry for her. The way hubby and I are eating now I don't think we could at fast food. We don't eat out at all right now. Only been a month of wheat free, gluten free, low carb, low sugar.

    I voted again. It helps that you remind us in your posts.

  6. Good good!.. My mom would buy kilos of shrimp and steam them for us to feast on. Sometimes when we are lucky, there's crab and lobsters too... I love tha lunch...

    Have fun Sir Rick!


  7. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I am sure Jilda was not happy with the fast food joint and you added to her misery by the excellent tasty plate picture of awesome the fire in the romance....always enjoy treking to your blog to see whazzzup!

  8. Anonymous3:42 PM

    That food looks nice. Enjoy your trip and have a lovely Thursday evening.

  9. You are very mean...I bet the post traumatic stress is from you sending those pics..the food looks amazing. Can't get anything like that here. Hope your day was great, your weekend super fun, and I really hope you spelled my name correctly on that did post it to my account right?


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