Saturday, October 01, 2011

Good Day

It was a froggy day today. Our trio, The Overalls played at the Frog Festival at 10 this morning and since I do the website, we spent most of the day taking pictures.
It was a perfect autumn day here in Alabama. The skies were clear with only a few cotton candy clouds here and there. The wind had been blowing out of the gulf, but last night the windsock changed directions.
Today the breeze was cool when made it comfortable even in a turtleneck, which is what I usually perform in,.
It was a fun filled day. We saw hundreds of old friends that we rarely get a chance to see. We ate some killer BBQ and got home early enough this afternoon to take a long nap. What could be better than that.
When I woke up, I walked to the shed to fetch some corn to feed the deer and our collie which we named Caillou, after our great nephew Jordan's favorite cartoon character.
Caillou loves to run and when I opened the gate,  he tore through the like a thoroughbred horse at the derby.
When I poured the corn out of the plastic container, Caillou ran up and tried to take it from me. On impulse, I threw the container and darted after it and almost caught it before it hit the ground. I called to him and told him to bring it to me and he did. I was thrilled. 
We've had a bunch of dogs, but none of them were ever remotely interested in fetching.
They'd always look at me as if to say, "hey, you threw it, you go get it." 
Caillou loved fetching.  I sat down on the grass and petted him a long while and told him what a good dog he was. 
I'll see if he'll do it tomorrow, or if today was just to humor me because I was in such a good mood.
 If you'd like to see some of the FrogFest Pictures, click here.
I hope you have a great Sunday. 


  1. Nothing says Fall quite like a good ol' Frog Festival! I love this and I love your dog for doing what a dog's supposed to do. Thanks for sharing the photos - lots of good folks enjoying a beautiful day!

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    How neat that your pup will fetch for you...I'll bet he was pretty proud himself.

  3. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Why is it called Frog festival?Would expect they served some frog legs?Sounds like you had nice day doing what you enjoy;)

  4. Absolutely! Dogs should fetch. Of course, I am of the opinion that husbands should too, at least occasionally. :) Just saying.

  5. You certainly did take a LOT of pictures! Sounds as though it was an excellent day all round and nothing nicer than enjoying an afternoon nap after a busy morning. Being a collie, I am pretty sure your pup will be a natural at playing a game of fetch. We have not yet had a dog that doesn't love a good ball game!

  6. We don't have any problem getting our Retrievers to retrieve. In fact, they sometimes bring us things we don't want them to bring. ;)

    Happy Sunday from Port Canaveral,

  7. Okay, I had to read this twice because at first I thought it was the deer doing the fetching :-)

  8. When we'd throw the ball, our Corgis would bring it back once, then just sit and look at us as if we were crazy when we threw it again. I guess they were waiting for us to bring them a herd of cattle to round up.

  9. Sounds like a great day! We had a "caillou" phase when Peanut was little.


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