Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Like Music to my Ears

I began to worry about the autumn color because the ground is dry. The early part of the show started on schedule, but the second act was placed on hold because October has been a dry month so far. 
There were years in the past, where we've skipped straight from summer to winter because of dry weather in the fall -- the leaves go from green to brown and then to the ground.
Tonight as I wrote, I put on my headphones and listened to some music that helps me to concentrate. I could hear something but it sounded far away. When I pulled an earphone out, I could hear Jilda saying come here, you've got to smell the rain.
When I went into the greatroom, she'd thrown open the door and was standing under the arbor at the front steps looking up into the night sky letting the rain fall on her face.
I stepped outside too, and it felt heavenly. 
When I went back inside to finish my work, I left the earplugs out so that I could hear the rain on the roof. Tonight the sound is better than music to my ears. I'm sure the trees feel the same way. 


Phil Campbell High School Update:
When we started out a few days ago, Phil Campbell only had 4200 votes for their band,
but tonight when I checked the site, the number had climbed to 8975. I am amazed and humbled. A great deal of the increase is because of you and your followers. Thank you.
Watch touching Phil Campbell High School Video and vote


  1. Beautifully described, Rick - hope the colours come soon.

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    there is nothing better to fall asleep to than the sound of rain on the roof.

  3. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Great tahtyou had rain.I know how it feels when you need it;)
    I checked the site too and as I write they have 9270 votes.If we knew how far up they are nmay eb we could mobilize more people to make sur ethey win this.It would be great for them and rewarding for all of us;)

  4. Oh we have had lovely rain tonight here and between the acorns falling on the roof and the raindrops it's been heavenly sitting upstairs listening to all of nature's sounds.

  5. Yay for the music and beauty of rain! Take care

  6. I used to enjoy the rain until Hurricane Lee (this year) saturated the ground. Now I wake up and hope it will stop. But we do have some gorgeous colours coming out on the trees this week. :-)

  7. Still voting for Phil and won't stop till you tell me to.


  8. Sharing the rain sounds like a sweet thing. How many times have you shared rain through all your years together? I bet a lot. And each time is special. So glad you got rain.

  9. So glad you got the rain you need. I have plenty to spare here for you :-)


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