Monday, October 24, 2011

The Beat Goes On

We fell asleep last night after 1 a.m. and for the first time in recent memory, we slept until 7:30. 
Our bedroom windows face north'ish which means at certain times of the year, the angle of sun is such that it slashes through the blinds at sunrise. 
Normally it's not an issue, but we went to bed bone tired last night and I could have used about another hours sleep but that wasn't happening today.
As it turns out, our great nephew who now goes to a local daycare wasn't feeling up to snuff so his mom called to ask if he could stay with us today.
He walked over from his house across the hollow with is mom. As we sat on the couch drinking our coffee, we could see him walk up through our front windows. He looked as sleepy as I did.  He pecked tentatively on our door with his plastic hammer and as always, his face lit up when we opened the door. 
He must have understood that we were weary because he was very low maintenance today.
Before lunch we all decided to take a walk. Down behind the barn we came up on a small sumac bush backlit by the sun. The leaves were glowing red as embers. I snapped a picture with my iPhone.
Later I spent time doing research and collecting my thoughts for an upcoming article, but it was hard to focus.
So I cleaned my office. I hadn't dusted in a while and when I moved some of the stuff off the rolltop desk, the dust was thick enough to plant a few rows of cotton.
Tonight as I write this update, it feels better in here. I plan to get up early tomorrow and knock out all the stories that are due.

Phil Campbell is still in second place, but we're picking up steam. I got several calls today from readers saying they were spreading the word.
The huge school in Illinois is still leading at the moment, but Phil Campbell in gnawing away at the lead which is down to a manageable 6,000 votes or so.  I have a gut feeling that we really do this.

Vote for Phil Campbell


  1. What a beautiful picture of the sumac! You are good souls to watch a little boy when you're so tired. Get your rest!

  2. I would bet that even if the Phil Campbell school doesn't win there will be help given to them because now people know their need.

  3. They're getting a vote a day from this small country on the other side of the world :)

  4. Anonymous11:29 PM

    What a fantastic colours that little bush.And nephew is sure to keep you awake.Man kids have such an energy:.
    We are still not there with voting but getting closer.It needs a push..Common people with facebook accounts!

  5. I cast my vote this morning. I know how you felt. We were up at 3pm cleaning our pup's vomit off our new carpet! By the time we got back to bed and had read ourselves into a sleepy stupor, it was almost time to get up again.

  6. Sounds like y'all need a good snooze to re-energise!

    Take care

  7. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Hope the little guy is feeling better. Our wee man was under the weather yesterday too.

  8. Good that your posting the voting link every day, I can vote on a daily basis :)


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