Thursday, October 27, 2011


We had a gig in Homewood tonight at Hart and Soul Coffee House. We weren't playing until 7 but headed out early in case we encountered rush hour traffic.  Turns out that was a good move.
The sun was dipping below the horizon but the evening light reflected off the autumn leaves and the color was stunning.
Homewood is about 30 miles away to the south. You'd think that the foliage here would be further along, but you'd be wrong. I was driving so I didn't shoot any pictures, but I plan to shoot a few tomorrow.
Tonight was the first time we've played and used our new sound system. Our friend Fred helped us put it together. He knows my grasp of sound engineering is tenuous so he helped us put together a very simple system that we could use when he can't come with us.
I was hesitant, but he assured me that spider monkey doing barbiturates could set up this sound system. Turns out, he was right.
We arrived just after 6 p.m. and both Jilda and I went to work. Less than 15 minutes later, we were doing our sound check.
Just before 7, a bunch of our friends piled in to give us moral support -- some of which we hadn't seen in quite a while.
We tried out a couple new songs, and we had a great time.
I'm updating late this evening, so it's off to bed for me. I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.

Phil Campbell has moved tow within 2000 votes of the leader. They can hear footsteps. Thanks to all of you who are voting for our little school.

Phil Campbell - Vote Here


  1. I wish I could start a post by saying nonchalantly, I had a gig tonight. I do not think that ever in my life I will have a gig. Voted for Phil!


  2. Glad tonight went well. Hope the weekend does too :-)

  3. Sooooo....where'd you get the spider monkey on drugs?Just Kidding, but that was a visual to make me smile!

    Glad you had fun~

  4. Fred's description of the spider monkeys is a riot. Glad the set up goes well and you found out you can do it. Of course I have been voting every day for Phil Campbell.

  5. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Keep the monkey on retainer. Congrats on a successful "gig".

  6. I Good for you Sir Rick and Miss Jilda... If only your place is close to me, I would love to be on one of our gigs. It for sure is lots of fun because I know you love what you are doing... Have a good rest and have a great weekend ahead... :-)


  7. Wish I could have been there. It is nice you have new equipment.

  8. Our leaves are about gone... I just finished another Rick Bragg book (my fourth--The Most They Ever Had)... Your state produces some good story tellers


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