Sunday, October 02, 2011

Wishing My Life Away

I wish I had more money to travel
I wish I had more time to visit with my friends
I wish I had a Porsche 911
I wish I'd paid more attention in English class when I was in school
I wish I'd learn to cook, and to dance, and to snow ski
I wish there were no such thing as hunger, abuse, or war
I wish the we were kinder to the environment, and to each other
I wish we could go through one election and focus on issues instead of mudslinging
I wish my father had lived long enough to see the book I wrote
I wish I'd listened more, taken better notes, and shot more pictures of my grandparents
I could go on, but then, I'd be wishing my life away.


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Focusing on what we didn't do takes all our energy. Celebrate what you have done. Do more.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    It's great to wish! Now act on some of those wishes. It's never too late

  3. Draining, isn't it? I wish my working hours away, wishing I had picked a career I liked, wishing it were time to go home to be with my family, to work on my novel and so on.
    The list is endless if we let it be.

  4. I think we all have our wish lists. The trick is to keep moving and make as many of them come true as we can. The rest? Let it go and try to improve.

  5. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Bucket list.My is long as.I try to stay realistic and to scrape of couple of the list every year.
    Your book.Whichone is that.Can we buy it on line?

  6. I wish you knew how wonderful it is to read your book and your blog!


  7. I have a long list of those, but I try not to dwell on the ones I can't change, with varying degrees of success, depending on my mood.

  8. What a wonderful list, you might have just given my inspiration for a post i've been thinking a lot!

  9. I wish it were Friday! :-)

    Take care

  10. Hey, wishing and wanting is not gonna make it happen.... Ya gotta DO SOMETHING!



  11. Hi Rick. I love the comment by Sush! I'm sure your post today will strike a chord with all of us. So many wishes that we all have. I try very hard, now that I'm older, to be still and just count my blessings, of which there are so many. Good post.

  12. All good points. I actually spent a good hour writing a post last night but it felt forced, so I deleted and wrote this post in about 3 minutes.
    I'd scanned Facebook for birthdays and when I glanced at the timeline I saw a ton of hateful political barbs.
    So I wrote the wish about mudslinging first and the others seemed to flow.
    I'm actually quite happy with what I now have and I do work toward the things I can change, but I'm not nieve.
    I know there cannot be an election in America without some ugliness. But there's nothing stopping me from wishing for it :)

  13. I do hear you though - feel that way about some things in my life too! sandie


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