Friday, October 07, 2011

Mock Neck

I had several comments on my blog entry about my mock neck sweater/shirts. A mock neck shirt is a hybrid turtleneck.
Steve Jobs wore a mock neck sweater in the photograph I used of him on Wednesday night. I've worn them for years.
My wardrobe is fairly simple. I have dark T-shirts, shorts, bluejeans, and tennis shoes for summer, and I have mock-necks, turtlenecks, bluejeans and tennis shoes for fall and winter.
I do have some dressier stuff that I wear when I attend funerals or some other event that frowns on jeans, but they don't see much action.
Back when I worked with MaBell and was first promoted to management, I had to wear suit and tie every day, even though I worked the midnight shift.
I was not a happy camper.
Later when I was outsourced to EDS, my desk and phone number remained the same, but EDS (Ross Perot's old company) was business casual. That meant golf shirts without logos and khaki pants.
Then even later when AT&T in-sourced me back into the MaBell fold, the dress code was tossed so I could have gone to work naked....well, that might have raised a few eye brows, but no one ever pushed the envelop to see.
I always felt like an impostor in a suit. The knots of my tie were alway wonky (unless Jilda tied them) and I always felt as if I were being hanged. I can tell you I don't miss it.
Even if I had to go back to work, I wouldn't work a job that required a coat and tie.
I'm sure this is more information that you folks wanted, but I got on a roll.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. I like mock turtlenecks because I don't have much of a neck and they fit better. I wore dresses and, horror of horrors, pantyhose to work every day. Haven't had a pair of pantyhose on since the day I retired. Jim always wore a dress shirt and tie. Now he wears t-shirts and jean shorts. Love being retired.

  2. I think men should be comfy at work. Ties should be a thing of the past. Love the mock turtleneck.

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Jeans and shirts make up my wardrobe. If I can't wear jeans to a function I don't go.

  4. I think we just call them turtlenecks here, not to be confused with roll-necks which are the ones that fold over. Comeeto think of it, I'm wearing a turtleneck right now :-)

  5. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Now I am even more puzzled.Why is it called Mock..neck?:)

  6. A lot of businesses have "Casual Friday." I was in the bank today and they all had on jeans and a zippered vest that said, "Mountain West Bank."


  7. Anonymous5:22 AM

    It's nice wearing a mock neck at this time of year :) They go nicely to almost anything. I am a jeans person myself. Enjoy your saturday!

  8. When I was required to wear a tie at work, I bought clip-ons, which could be worn loose. If the collar was too tight, I broke out in a rash from some skin condition inherited from my father. One of our VP's hated to see men's bare arms so we encouraged him to look the other way.

  9. Mock necks suit you!! Hooorah!

    Take care

  10. I absolutely cannot wear turtlenecks. I feel like I'm being strangled. Mock turtlenecks aren't any better. In fact some tee shirts, the neck is too highland I have to cut a slit in them. I just don't like anything touching my throat. But in general, t-shirts and shorts or jeans makes up my wardrobe. I have some fancier duds but rarely wear them. My clothes have to be shop or yard worthy since that's where I spend all my time.

  11. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Dressing up isn't my cup of tea either. And to think when I was born people dressed up to go to town and buy a bag of sugar. They dressed up to fly to go on vacation to take a walk to go to the doctor to shop to go to school everything was dressed up for. Now it's all about comfort and practicality...what a change!

  12. We have to do sharp casual even though no one ever sees us...

  13. Ooooooh, now I know what you mean by mock necks. I have a couple. I think they are a little more comfy than turtle necks. Not quite as constricting. I don't like to be restrained in any way so don't even think about getting out the cuff links if you're in my bed. Not that you would be. Jilda? Jilda? Just kidding!


  14. Cuff links? Oh my goodness. Dumb, duh, dumb, dumb, dumb. Hand cuffs. I meant hand cuffs.

    Alzheimer's Alert!

    Love again,

  15. I like your picture. Some can pull off a mock neck and some can't. I need a full turtle neck to help hide the chin! haha. I got your book too! I can't thank you enough. I'll take that with me on the plane and to have to read at night in the hotel. Thank you and Jilda!!!!!

  16. Ha ha ha!!! The consensus seems to be that we ALL prefer to be retired and wear jeans 99% of the time.

    The LOC (Lovable Old Coot) hasn't worn a suit and tie except once to a funeral in the past several years. He hates ties.

    Here's to the Comfortable Years!!!

  17. So it looks like a mock turtleneck just doesn't have the extra band that folds over. Looks like you can breathe all right. Hubby threw out all ties and office clothes. Neither one of us would have anything to wear to a funeral or a fancy dinner. Thank goodness.


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