Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Any Day On The Water

Everybody needs an escape....a safe harbor, where they can find time to relax, recharge their batteries, or mend.
I'm not the first to say this, but life is messy; it doesn't always come pre-packaged for you...that has all the things you love, and conveniently leaves out all the things that chaps your butt.
Sometimes things don't work out, no matter how hard you try. Life spanks you like a mischievous child. There are times you work yourself weak, and things still go south.
During these times, I think it's vital that you step back, take a breath, and say, "Can I get back to you on that?" And then do something that brings you joy.
For some it's shopping, cooking, restoring old cars, or jumping from planes. It's something that resonates deep within, and often we don't know why.
For me, it's wading waist deep into water that's missed being solid by only a few degrees, and casting tiny hand-made lures into swift water.
I went fishing this morning and spent a few hours on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River. It seemed like a blink of an eye, .
I have the good fortune to live twenty minutes away from one of the few places in Alabama where you can catch rainbow trout.
This morning I hung the largest trout I've ever hung. I had him within a few feet of pulling it into my net, but then his/her wild side kicked in and with every ounce of energy he/she could muster, snapped my line and swam downstream.
The trout had no way of knowing that I would have released it anyhow, but I saluted it as it headed away from me.
I don't take credit for "catching" a trout unless I have it in hand, but just spending some time with this one made me smile.
I'm ready to wade hip deep back into life.


  1. Beautiful picture! My husband loves to fish...that and reading are his way getting away. For me it's cooking...reminds me of my wonderful Italian parents, who both loved to cook and were excellent cooks. I, also, work out daily and dance when I get the chance...I was a dancer from early on until my mid teens. Funny what makes each of us feel free and fills our hearts with joy at the same time.

  2. Is that one of those "fish that got away" stories?;>) My revitalizing moments come when I am by the ocean or the big waters of Lake Michigan. I can just let go and relax and renew. xo Diana

  3. Yes Rick, life does have a way of spanking you at times... I am glad you had a good time fishing... :)

  4. You do like your fishing! Glad you found time to do so - and what a view too! Take care

  5. While I was reading this, I was thinking to myself "There's no way that Rick would not let a fish go" and then I got to the part where you said you would have let it go anyway...funny how well we get to know our blogger friends :)

  6. You are a better man than I would be ( well, I'm a woman) I would not have put that big trout back, just saying... I caught a big Catfish in White Lake near Ottawa and this big sucker ended up in the frypan.

  7. Ya.... the big one that got away lol
    It's a shame we can't eat the fish we catch these days.
    Used to be you'd go the a river, catch a fish and then sit on the bank with a small camp fire eating the spoils. It smelled and tasted like the best fish in the world and you'd eat it covered in char coal. lol We even caught eel and cat fish and those kept jumping in the frying pan long after being chopped up
    into pieces. Kinda gave you an eerie feeling but boy did they taste good.
    Good memories. But standing in a river fly fishing is a quiet pleasant experience and its good you take the time to do it even if it is to let the big one get away. Why not? I have come to the conclusion that fish have feelings too.

  8. Hi Rick,
    First of all, thanks for taking your precious time to read my posts, and express your heartfelt thoughts about my writing skills. I am flattered.
    Well, your writing skills truly impress me, so I shall return to read more of your posts as much as I can. The way you describe stories is amazing, I am going to learn from you writing lessons online. Have you read some of my lyrics and poems, Rick? I invite you to do so...
    You may visit My Poetry Corner. All my blogs are listed in my personal profile, so that readers may surf freely into my pages as they please...
    I love rainbow trout, but I won't ever go fishing. I don't kill anybody. I eat lots of veggies, fruits and drink water. I still eat some fish, chicken, etc.
    I am so happy that I have found you in Blogland, Rick.
    You are an awesome writer and blogger friend.
    All the Best.
    Starry Dawn.

  9. Fishing rejuvenates my husband too. He spends a day with a rod and reed in hand, then returns with a fresh outlook on life. I guess you could say fishing is good for the soul.

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I'm so glad you had that experience!!

  11. Jack enjoys fishing too...a few weeks ago he lost a lure to a big bass..or so he says! Ha! I think it's a great way to enjoy some R&R and maybe I could learn to "release" my troubles like you do with the trout! (Just wave them goodbye as they swim downstream!)


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