Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Missing Ol' Buddy

I've been thinking about my dearly departed mutt Ol' Buddy lately. A few weeks ago my blog buddy Granpappy Miller sent me a pencil drawing he done of our old house with Ol' Buddy sitting on the
Ol' Buddy on the Porch by Robert Miller
When Jilda opened the mail that day and we realized what it was, tears filled both our eyes. Bob is an incredible artist.
Fast forward to yesterday:
I got a postcard from the Vet telling me that it was time for Buddy's annual vaccination.
When they put him down back in May, they apparently didn't make a note on his chart. I had to call them to let them know he was gone.
Then last night, I dreamed about him. I thought I felt him wiggling at my feet as I slept. When I came to my senses, I sat up straight in the bed and looked at the pillows around my feet.
I sure miss that little critter.


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    When you lose a pet, it's not LIKE a member of your family dying--it IS a member of your family!!

  2. I know the exact feeling. I still miss my little Misty and it has been three years this month-xo Diana

  3. I have tears in my eyes now. Beautiful memory.

  4. A sweet post about your beloved Buddy....

  5. Awe... I bet the vet felt awful... I have had those sorts of dreams.... :-/

  6. It takes a long time for it to get easier. I'm still waiting.

  7. Losing a pet is as sad as losing a dear friend. I still grieve the loss of my yellow lab and it has been 3 years. The drawing is wonderful - what a special gift.

  8. I know. They become so much a part of you. You never forget how they looked at you with those trusting eyes. They always make you feel better.You never get such a good friend as you do in a dog..

  9. To this day every time I see a (sob) tortoiseshell kitty it runs straight at me and flops over for a belly rub. My little Larry evidently is living forever. Just not in my house.

  10. Love the sketch!! So sad when a pet dies, but such happy memories they leave us with.


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