Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bouquet of Butterflies

We invited friends over this afternoon. As always, we gave the house a once over, and spiffed the place up.
I swept the sidewalk and back deck which is a perpetual job this time of year. We have a water oak the size of Rhode Island in the yard. It sheds leaves in an orderly fashion. Unlike other oaks that once bitten by frost, spend about three weeks, turning leaves into a tapestry of gold, rust, orange, red, and amber, the water oak spills bushels of leaves each day over the course of fall and winter.
Today as I swept, I heard an acorn about the size of a dime, fall on the metal roof. It gave a metallic pop as it smacked the surface, and then sounded like rats with cleats racing around the attic.
I've learned that you never look up and try to see the acorn rolling off the roof, because one smacked me right between the eyes last fall. I never saw it coming.
Today, one of the final chores was to get some fresh flowers for the table and for the desk near the entryway.
Most of the flowers and vegetables are gone now, but the Old Maids (Zinnias) are still showing out.
I was out rolling up the hose pipe when I heard Jilda gasp. I thought she'd stepped on a snake basking in the afternoon sun, but when I stepped to the edge of the yard, I saw a bouquet of butterflies feasting on the nectar.
I tried to snap a photo but each time I got close, they'd all do an evasive maneuver that looked almost like a  Rhopalocera Ballet.
I had to settle for just a picture of the flowers.


  1. Beautiful moments captured in our memories for safe keeping when all else fails.

  2. And it is a beautiful picture indeed!
    My zinnias are all gone; I'm so glad that yours are still beaming.

  3. Well, the flowers are gorgeous even without the butterflies. Still have some zinnias here as we have not had a freeze yet. xo Diana

  4. Maybe the butterflies will return to sip the nectar. I can picture it in my mind. My son uses his smart phone to take great photos where a big Canon camera is not convenient.

  5. I went out today to pick a bouquet and I found, not butterflies, but a lot of bumblebees....I'll trade ya!

  6. Awwww the butterflies are having a last minute supper of their own!! Take care

  7. I think butterflies are difficult to capture pictures of... they are quick to flit :)

  8. Rick this made me chuckle because I was mowing one time when I was little and a walnut fell and hit me in the head. My friends would say that that probably explains a lot.

  9. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I love the phrase "bouquet of butterflies"!!

  10. The flowers alone are beauty enough! with butterflies? absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Hey, I have an electric leaf blower right beside the back steps. It is perfect for getting the leaves off the back porch and front sidewalk. The only time I got pics of lots of butterflies was last summer in the tiger lilies.. I had on an orange top and fit right in. Love your zinnias!!

  12. Your picture of late are just awesome. Have you changed cameras or are you using a new photo editor? Regardless they are so crisp and sharp with color. Keep them coming.


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