Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fun Frog Day

I do the website for The Frog Festival which is always the first Saturday in October. Last year it rained
for the first time, but this year, even though there is a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, the rain stayed away.
By noon, it was hot enough to bake cupcakes on the pavement. Jilda and I walked around most of the morning greeting old friends and taking pictures for the website.
It was a fun day, but after last night, I've had about as much fun and I can stand for one weekend:)
I plan to sleep in tomorrow and nap a lot.


  1. I love the picture you chose for this post... the little girl is very cute ;-)

  2. I just read Jilda's post and it sounded like a fun weekend with good music. After having family visit this weekend, I'm heading in the same "nap" direction!

  3. It has been a busy weekend for me too and I need several naps to catch up. Two new calves to add to the herd.
    Have a good week,


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