Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tiny Pumpkins

Our great nephew Jordan stayed with us part of last Wednesday when school met only a half day.
It was a beautiful afternoon and we spent most of the time outside.
At one point he asked me if the tiny pumpkins were good to eat. I explained that the little pumpkins are green and you couldn't eat them until they got big.
He insisted that the tiny pumpkins weren't green. He'd seen our pumpkin plant when it was small and he watch the single pumpkin grow to the size and color of a basketball.
I asked him where he saw tiny pumpkins. He said on the pumpkin tree in the front yard. At this point, I thought he'd grown an imaginary tiny pumpkin tree in his youthful mind, but then he said come on and I'll show you.
When I walked to the front yard, he pointed to a ripe persimmon lying on the ground and said, "see."
I thought to myself, dang, I've seen millions of ripe persimmons and I'd never made the connection that it actually looked like a tiny pumpkin.
But he was right.


  1. How cute and children seem to see things we cannot see... :)

  2. Through the eyes of a child...
    Jordan keeps bringing us all to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes! Love yours and Jilda's Jordan stories!

  3. It's amazing how children observe things in such different ways isn't it??

  4. Everything looks big when you are small yourself hahahaha.
    I used to think my Dads house was big but now I go inside and think boy its small.

  5. Anonymous10:47 AM

    It is what it is--in your mind!!

  6. Did your great nephew ate the ... little pumpkin? How cute.


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