Friday, October 11, 2013

Picture of patience

I find myself tapping my toes a lot. When Jilda and I are getting ready to go somewhere, I ALWAYS get ready before she does.
That's probably because my hair-drying time is zero. But I have a
closet full of T-shirts, a few polos, and in the winter, I have sweaters and turtlenecks. It takes me about three seconds on a slow day to figure out what I'm wearing and them BAM, I'm jangling keys and wiping the face of my watch with my thumb.
At this point, I can literally blow out a temple artery, or I can sit down and breathe. To say that I've haven't mastered the virtue of patience is an understatement.
Caillou, on the other hand, is the picture of patience. While he's waiting for us to walk, or to put food in his bowl, he will lie around, take a nap, lick his paws (or something else), and he never gets excited until he sees us getting ready to walk out the door, and then he's bouncing off the walls.
I shot this photo with the new the Hipstamatic film I downloaded today. It's tintype film that makes photographs look really old.
He was napping while I finished up some emails before heading out on our evening routine of gathering eggs, and feeding the deer.
He is the picture of patience.


  1. Patience...something many of us struggle with from time to time.

  2. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Lord, grant me patience--& DO IT NOW!!

  3. Hmmmm. Here's what my husband does. I begin to get ready, and he says to me, "give me 10 minutes warning." He relaxes in the recliner and waits until the last minute. Then it's me who is struggling with the patience problem!!!

    Your dog is beautiful.

  4. Patience is not one of my virtues either... lol ... I need to relax a little more :)

  5. He's beautiful.


  6. Patience is a hard one for many of us to master.
    I'm pretty quick getting ready myself so my husband doesn't have to wait for me.
    I'm usually waiting for him. : )

  7. I'm a very patient person by nature but I have my limits. I get ready quickly and sometimes I beat my husband at the get ready game, but I won't go out dirty. I have to take a quick shower. My short hair dries in a minute and I get dress and no fuss, I'm out the door.



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