Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finding my way

I'm surprised every time I shoot a picture with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. Take this photo
for example. There was color all around us, but the combination of lens and film I chose rendered the picture almost in black and white.The only color that jumps out at you is the pedestrian sign and a splash of red on the sidewalk behind her.The power of these apps is that it give you an opportunity to see things differently. A chance to grow creatively. I know I still have a long way to go, but it's fun finding my way.


  1. That is a cool picture. The yellow sign jumped out at me right away- xo Diana

  2. Pictures sometimes capture more than we see with our eyes...beautiful picture!

  3. You always capture interesting pictures Rick ;-)

  4. Pretty Jilda and SNOW! Fun!

  5. I think i may need to finally download this app on my phone Rick.

  6. Dear Rick, I've never owned a digital camera. The last camera I carried was in 1992 when I went to Greece . . . where I ended up falling and breaking it on the road to Mykonos. Since then, no camera. So I'm not exactly sure what you are telling us in this posting. But I am glad that you are pleased with your camera and that you are striving to be even more creative. You are so creative with words and ideas and I applaud using that creativity in a new way. Peace.

    1. Wow! That's interesting that you haven't owned a camera in all these years.
      To me, a camera is almost an extension of me. I use it to help document my life....a journal if you will. I can flip back through the pictures and relive the high (and low) points of my life.
      Of course, before camera, I did the same thing writing in my daily journal with fountain pen and lined paper :)

  7. Anonymous10:48 AM

    The FIRST prerequisite to taking a good picture is the knowledge of how to frame that picture--you have that knowledge, Rick!!

  8. That's a cool app Rick. My camera or camera phone is an extention of me! Just never know what you're gonna see!


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