Thursday, October 17, 2013

Treasure of memories

I love old trunks. Jilda's mom gave her a couple, one that came from her great
grandmother. I have one that came from my mom's house.
 I put things in them from time to time, and then later (sometimes years later) when I open them, it's always surprising.
I opened one today and it smelled of old clothes, dust, and moth balls. I dug around in it and found an old picture of a uncle who was a sailor who died at Pearl Harbor before WWII actually begun. 
I also found my dad's Old Timer pocket knife. In there with it was his old whitstone. The blade was still sharp as a razor, and smelled of the machine oil.
I need to start putting some of my personal effects and souvenirs in those old trunks so that someone can find them some day, and examine each artifact as if it were a treasure. Which in a sense, they are, if only a treasure of memories.


  1. Old trunks can have the coolest items in them... my great grandmother had one when I was growing up :)

  2. A treasure of memories is what it's all about.

  3. Aw...You ARE a treasure, Rick...and you don't need things to make you a treasure. Your words will live on long after you are gone and I hope will be read by great-grandchildren someday- xo Diana

  4. A few years ago we came across an old storage trunk of my late grandfather's in an old building on mamaw's farm and there were a lot of cool farm items in there. mainly really old smaller farm type tools but it was still neat.

  5. Although it's a too big for me, I pull out my father's signet ring from time to time and wear it with a ring guard i got from a jeweler. On those days, I feel like dad's walking with me as I reflect on memories of good times shared with him.

  6. How nice to have an old trunk to store your heirloom treasures in. I have some old photographs but nothing else from my family tree. I have scanned some very old photos on my computer and I like to take a look now and then.


  7. So true. I love old trunks.
    I buy presents when I see things on special during the year. I wrap them up and by the time christmas comes I have no idea what I wrapped.
    So christmas is also interesting for me.

  8. I like those old trunks too. I have one I'm using as an end table in the living room.

  9. Hi Rick,
    I find this post so interesting. I love new and old trunks too.
    In fact, I've got several trunks in which I store my personal notebooks,
    and other things. My mom and granny had a collection of personal
    treasures in their own trunks. When my dear mom passed away,
    I found her mother's wedding dress. She was my maternal grandmom.
    The fabric torned apart in front of my eyes, and I felt sad about that.
    My grandmom's wedding dress -at the time I picked it up from the old trunk- was yellow, no longer white. I can recall those memories back in time, and I understand how you feel about old trunks. It is a great post, Rick.
    Thank you for sharing your great writing talents with us!
    All the Best,
    Poet Starry.


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