Sunday, October 06, 2013

It won't leave me alone

The grass at the edge of the garden won't leave me alone. I don't think I did anything to provoke it, but
it's always there.
In the morning when the sun is in the east, the grass and goldenrod fades into the underbrush and goes unnoticed, but it's there.
But in the evenings as the sun "lazes" toward the western horizon, the light plays on the grass and transforms it into something that's hard to ignore.
One morning last week, my nephew was doing some bush hog work on his fields that adjoin our property, and he offered to mow down the grass at the edge of my garden.
I thought about it for a moment, and then declined.
After, it became the subject of several photographs, and this blog entry.
Maybe it's not such an intruder after all.


  1. I actually think it is pretty cool looking- xo Diana

  2. Lovely snapshot, Rick. If I had time to paint with pastels I would use it as a source of inspiration.

  3. A lot of nature can be so beautiful and we try to hold it back... sometimes we have to let it go...;-)

  4. I love Goldenrod but the long grass... I'd mow it down.

  5. It's lovely lush grass!!! Take care

  6. Love the way you're no longer looking at it as an intruder :)

  7. Glad you saved it from bushwhacking! Too lovely to be destroyed...the cold weather will give you a break and then in the spring you will be able to ponder it's cycle again! Hope y'all are doing wonderfully well! Hugs~


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