Thursday, October 24, 2013


We let a few pods of okra from summer go to seed. 
After the first frost and before it rains, I'll take the dried pods and strip out the seeds, put them in plastic bags and store them in the freezer until next spring.
I like starting out plants from seeds that survived. It seems to make them stronger. Of course this only works with heirloom plants because seeds left over from hybrid plants are a crapshoot.
Your Big Boy tomatoes will most likely be cherry tomatoes. They'll be good, but they won't be like the parent.
This morning as I stood by the back gate waiting for Jilda to throw some scraps into the chickens, I noticed how the sun played on the pods and snapped this photo with the black and white feature of the Hipstamatic app on my phone.
I pulled babysitting duty today with our great nephew Jordan. He got out of school a half day and rather than sit around down there waiting for his nanna to bring him home, I picked him up after the last bell.
We spent the afternoon outside. When we walked to the old house down by the barn, he missed his wooden blocks that he'd left on the porch.
When he asked where there were, I told him I'd swept them off and under the porch.
"Why didn't you put them back," he asked. I told him jokingly, that they weren't my blocks. He then said, and I quote: "Since you swept them off, it was your responsibility to pick them up again."
I chased his five year old butt around the yard shouting, "I've got your responsibility right here mister."
He squealed with delight as we ran around the oak tree.


  1. Jordan will always remember how much fun he had with Uncle Rick and Aunt Jilda, and how welcome he felt in your home.


  2. Jordan is lucky to have you and Jilda. The loving gestures of family and the fun they share makes memories that last a lifetime.

  3. Soaking up all the cuteness of your great nephew is a good way to spend the day !

  4. That is one smart little kid! Love okra- but we can't grow it here and if we did no one would eat it. lol Great post, Rick. Love the photo, too- xo Diana

  5. Haha awesome that a child is already espousing the values of responsibility :)

  6. What a smart boy. I bet he won't be leaving his wooden blocks laying around anymore. This guy will learn the value of responsibility early.
    I've only had Okra in can vegetable soup years ago. I never grew it.


  7. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Your family is what life's all about!! I love this definition for people who don't have large families: "A family is a group of people who love you!!"

  8. Oh, that's great! He's pretty sharp. I think you better not underestimate him.

    Just had to tell you, my sister is one of your faithful readers now. Hi Deb!

  9. You never know what kids are going to come out with. : )


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