Saturday, October 26, 2013

Old Things

It's interesting how things trigger memory. These triggers are what I live for....things that give me ideas
for songs and stories.
I posted a picture several days ago of two cases of soft drink bottles on the porch of our creative space.
We have had them for as long as I can remember, and through time, they've become almost invisible to me.
A woman who deals in antiques visited us a while back and wanted to sell them on eBay and share the profit.
They aren't plastic bottles, but the vintage green ones with curvy-ribbed sides. Some of the older ones had tiny air bubbles trapped in the glass.
As a kid, I held them up close to my eye, and looked at things around me. Those bottles turned the world into an Impressionist painting.
Those bottles are not junk to me, but remind me of the past.
I'm not sure what they're worth on eBay, but had I sold them, I wouldn't have this blog post, or the column that is sure to follow.


  1. It's amazing what triggers the creative spirit in us...wonderful memories come from all kinds of things, even some things someone else might view from a very different perspective. Lucky for you that your perspective is so much more interesting than that of the antique dealer.

  2. I had six of those old bottles that I gave to my son, Rick. You are right-they ARE memory makers. When I was a kid the local store had them in a cooler filled with ice cold water and you reached down into it and picked your bottle out. Nothing in the world like it- xo Diana

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Don't EVER sell them!!

  4. Your bottles have the perfect home on the porch of your creative space. Better than a pic on EBay! I love the items I have that remind me of an earlier time. I wonder what kids today will old video game...or perhaps an old blog book written by their Yaya! Now that would be a treasure!

  5. I like hoe you said they weren't junk to you. What some people view as "junk" others view as beautiful remainders of past memories and smiles.

  6. Definitely not junk if something enhances your life. Sounds like you've found a great formula for writing. A very nice post and a nice photo too

  7. Great post...memory triggers. We have wooden soda cases I rescued from my parents basement 30 years ago (and they were 20 years old then), from a neighborhood bottling company that made Virginia Dare sodas. I have been in contact with my old friend whose Dad was the owner of Regester's Bottling Co.I am planning on sending her one of the boxes, as she still has the bottles but not the crates with the advertising.

  8. If the Coca Cola bottles are a memory trigger for you, maybe you shouldn't sell them, 50 years old bottles should be worth something to collectors.

    I don't like hoarding or clutter and I would probably take a picture of for memory sake and sell them.

    I'm at the decluttering point in my life asI realize that I can't take anything with me when I depart this world and I don't see the point of getting my family to have to sort through my old stuff. They all have way too much clutter as it is. Even with the decluttering, I still have enough junk. lol...
    Don't take me seriously, this is just my humble opinion.


  9. I can still taste them. We only had them once a week, on Saturday night when Daddy either grilled burgers on the patio or in the fireplace inside in the winter. They were the small green bottles and we each had one. And for years, when it was cold and the burgers were cooked over wood coals in the fireplace, we dined with Bonanza on the t.v. screen while we ate.

    Now you can't get memories like that from a Big Gulp.

    And there was no high fructose corn syrup in it then.


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