Friday, October 25, 2013

Time Well Spent

Jilda got a request to teach a private yoga class this morning, so I decided to go fishing. She had to be
there by 8 a.m. so I filled my water bottle, loaded up my fishing pack and I was on my way to the water.
The temp this morning was cool, but I've fished in colder weather. When I got to the angler's area, not a soul was there, so I took my time suiting up and choosing just the right fly.
When I got to the water, I discovered that Alabama Power had run the turbines until daylight which meant it would take the water a while to get shallow enough to wade.
It was dropping a few inches every 10 minutes or so.
Rather than call it a day and head back home, I sat on the bank and listened.
It's amazing how quite it is there. Every now and then I'd hear the sound of a truck coming down a steep grade on Highway 69, but I knew it was at a few miles away.
But mostly I heard the sound of wind in the trees, and water lapping on the shore. When the sun burned off the low-hanging fog, the trout began hitting small bugs and flies on the surface of the river.
It was so peaceful, I almost didn't want to wade off into the water which was around 49 degrees.
I spent a few hours alone on the water.
Just before lunch, I heard clanging on the metal steps and the owner of the fly shop had four fishermen headed down to fish.
I decided to fish my way back down river the hundred yards to the access close to the truck. I didn't catch any fish today, but you know what I say: Any Time On the Water is Time Well Spent.


  1. The sounds of nature are a special kind of music...the type that soothes the soul. I love the ocean and listening to the waves hitting the shore when no one else is around. Sounds like you found your own special music today by the the river.

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    The sounds of nature are music for the soul!!

  3. Your description of the sound of the wind in the trees was amazing. Makes me want to go hiking after work. If you see some hiking pics on Facebook later you'll know that this post was the inspiration!

  4. I think that's what my Dad enjoyed about fishing. The quiet time on the lake in the early morning probably gave him the inspiration for his poetry. With 6 kids, he needed that quiet time! Your day sounded great!

  5. You can always tell how polluted ones mind is when you stand somewhere where there is utter silence. I found a place like that once in Malaysia.
    It was mind blowing. The greatest high one could ever get I got there.
    Just wonderful.

  6. I love being still and listening to the sounds around me. It's one reason I enjoy my morning walk alone. : )

  7. I agree--Happyone wrote.

  8. I have been reading Rick, just not commenting lately... taking a much needed break... I love the way you write, the scenery comes alive :)

  9. I find it interesting that the level(s) of the water change.
    How very interesting (and unique to me.)
    I love a quiet day on the water. It is so peaceful there to me.


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