Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of the day

I worked on the Jasper campus of Bevill State College today, which is about 20 miles from here where I live. I led an information session. Eighteen people signed up, but threatening skies and raging thunderstorms in the area kept most of them home.

Five people braved the weather and we had a good session. I can always tell when I get it right, because people linger after the presentation ends to chat and tell their stories. I enjoy it when this happens.

These people usually have bruises and scars, that help forge them into who they've become.
After everyone left, I packed my case and headed home. As it happens, I have to pass by the forks, so I wheeled into the boat launch to see what was going on.

The Mulberry River flows into the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River in Sipsey. The Mulberry is a shallow river and when it rains, it sends a cloud of muddy water that mixes with the deep emerald water of the Warrior. 

During spring, when the striped bass head upstream to spawn, they look for food in that ragged muddy seam where the two rivers join together.

There must have been twenty people fishing as nightfall closed in. I was only there long enough to snap a few pictures, but two people caught bass as I stood there.

A pearl-colored mist hung over the water like a cotton blanket. It was a stunning scene to behold.

Jilda prepared a nice tuna pasta with artichokes and olives. 

I think I'm going to make some hot tea, and veg out before bed. I hope you all have a remarkable Wednesday.


  1. A beautiful post. Especially moved by the mist over the water --so glad you included that photo. Have a good evening, Rick.

  2. That's a wonderfully eerie photograph. It looks like something mysterious or supernatural is about to happen.

  3. I like the blanket of fog over the river. It is a great picture.

  4. Anonymous9:48 PM

    You captured the serenity!! Is there any of that tuna pasta left for me?

  5. How beautiful-not only the picture but that you just stopped to enjoy it. Everyone should do this

  6. It is a good attitude you have Cahrlie Brown. Many instructors dread the guys who hang after the session.It is a fact, many people cannot bring up 'the' topic in class no matter how many times you ask. Buy after class, informally, much teaching and listening is done. Many teachers, do not know that.
    Oh, living up to her PR, the lady serves a beautiful sounding spread,
    Love it. Good stuff.

  7. The river of secrets hidden under the mist.
    Ms Soup

  8. Beautiful pictures for the end of a nice day.

  9. I hope that you get to take some rest today.
    You did manage to capture the beauty of the mist. Some times it takes a camera for us to see what we cannot see on a misty day.

  10. The people who showed up are the one who really wanted to be there and the fact that they lingered on after your presentation means that they were interested to the bitter end.
    I'm sure they are richer for having been there.

    Cool photo of the mist over the river at dusk.

  11. Liked the photo, just saying, I also think small groups can be better at times then a larger group

  12. This is beautiful in the words alone: A pearl-colored mist hung over the water like a cotton blanket. It was a stunning scene to behold. Then there is the photo below. Breath taking.


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