Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Finding the words

The column for Sunday was due today and I spent what seemed like hours struggled to find the words. I started writing the weekly column in January of 2007 which means I've written 397 columns. But I started writing my daily blog in December of 2005, and according to Blogger stats, I've published 3581 posts.

I guess what I'm saying is that I've learned there is an ebb and flow to creativity. Some days I'm bubbling with creative thoughts and ideas. Other days, I'm bereft of even hope of a decent topic.

Today, after many hours, I deleted the crap I'd written and drank some ice tea as I flipped back through a folder I set up years ago entitled Works In Progress. I came across a column that didn't seem to resonate when I wrote it.

Today, when I read back over the words I'd written months ago, I found the amusing and with a few edits, it was column-ready. Jilda read through it and agreed.

Hitting the send button on an email to my editors was a relief.  The next time I have a creative bounty, I plan to write extra columns to hold for days like today.


  1. Sometimes my creative well goes dry, and I've only been at this for five years. To have written over three thousand articles is quite an achievement.

  2. I look forward to your writings at the end of my day.

  3. Creative bounty? What is that?

    1. I probably could have phrased that better.I meant to say when I'm feeling creative that I will write extra columns so that I can use them in lean times.

  4. Reassuring. I felt that way yesterday. I even thought of abandoning my blog.

  5. You've got to make hay when the sun shine like they say. A few spare written columns would come in handy when the creative juice runs out.

    I wonder what combination of fruit and veggie is needed to make creative juice. I sure could use some myself from time to time.


  6. I jot down my thoughts in a new post that I save for those days that I have no thoughts at all. I still have to write the post but there are just a few notes to remind of the things I can include.

  7. I believe I have read you when you quoted 'Some days are diamonds, some days....'

    But seeing the picnic tables I thought of a n old line from a song in the '50's. "Free Picnic tables one mile ahead.,......... We couldn't get it in the car (or something like that..
    TAke care glad all worked out...

  8. Creativity can flow and ebb like the tide. Love the picture of the picnic tables which seems to go with your post


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