Friday, August 14, 2015

Shooting stars

I switched off the living room lights and stepped onto the back deck last night. Jilda and I had gone out each evening this week trying to catch a glimpse of a Perseid meteor without seeing one. But last night when I stepped out, I ignored the swarm of mosquitos as big as ducks and sat there silently observing the moonless sky.

After a few minutes, a meteor came from the north and streaked southward to the southern horizon. 

Sometimes when you witness their short-lived existence is more like a skinny thread of light. And after they're gone, you wonder if you really saw one or if it was your brain playing tricks on you.

But the one last night was much bigger and seem to sizzle across the night sky close enough that I could have caught it with a trout net.

Even though we don't see a shooting star every time we look into the night sky, we still go out...because the times when you do see them makes you forget all the times you didn't.
Shooting Star - I cheated and photoshopped a NASA
meteor onto one of my photographs.


  1. I think it is something wondrous to see. I remember one time camping. It was so hot at night the eggs would sizzle even without the sun. We still lit a fire even though we sat 1/2 a mile away from it:) That night the sky was lit up not only from stars but from a meteor shower-it was magical to behold.

  2. The night sky is full of wonder Glad you were rewarded with the star. I try and watch the sunset every evening. Reminds me to be thankful for each day.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen one, but then the skies are often so cloudy here in Portland.

  4. How fortunate! Our skies have been far too overcast this week for star-gazing.
    Photo-shopped or not, I enjoyed your photo.

  5. I hope yoou made the appropriate wish and that it comes true.

  6. I'm glad your attempt at seeing meteors was rewarded.
    I was too tired to even bother to try seeing the meteor showers.


  7. Our neighborhood is not the greatest place to watch from because of the light pollution of the street lights, but I did see one good meteor Wednesday night in the few minutes I watched.


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