Saturday, August 22, 2015

Looking forward to September

Today was toasty. It was only 94 degrees which was not as hot as in the past several weeks, but when you factor in the humidity at 88%, it made breathing difficult.

Clouds moved in late this evening and the temps dropped somewhat. Jilda poured me a tall glass of ice tea and I stepped out onto the deck to watch the butterflies dance on the lantana.

During a pause in the fluttering action, I pulled out my phone to flip through photographs in preparation for this entry tonight.

I came across the picture below that I'd taken last February. It was shot from the same chair where I was sitting.

Just looking at the snow clinging to the bare branches of the pear tree felt refreshing. Remembering that one day soon, the heat will move off to focus on some other place on the planet, and the autumn breeze will once again blow, gave me strength.

I will not wish a moment of my life away, but I think it's OK to say I look forward to September.


  1. Oh I hear you! I dislike the heat and humidity. I can't think when it is so hot. Today it was hot but at least the humidity broke. I am looking forward to fall.

  2. It is absolutely strange how seeing a photo can effect the present. I smiled as I thought how you must feel in the same position.
    I nearly laughed at my comment using my Kindle Fire. I am not good away from my key board. ;-). I always enjoy the read here at Life 101.

  3. September came my favorite month once I stopped going to school.

  4. I enjoy September but I am in no way looking forward to the Winter. Of course our Summers are not as humid as yours but the I'm sure your Winters are not as long and cold as ours. I don't think I'd mind the Winter so much of it wasn't as harsh as they get here... Enjoy that Fall weather Rick :-)

  5. September is not far away now and the cooler days will come soon. There are many that will be relieved. Keep cool as you can there and hang in there.

  6. Utah is a desert, so we escape your humidity. However, August is generally a miserable month here, and this year has been true-to-form. The Salt Lake Valley is under a thick blanket of haze and smoke from the West Coast wildfires. Sometimes it's so thick that one cannot see the mountains on either side of the valley. (It's only about 20 miles across.) And it's been in the 90s nearly every day for a couple of weeks. No wind. No rain. Just smoke and heat.
    I'm ready for our normal October blue skies and temperatures in the low 70s.

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Such serenity in that photo!!

  8. How pretty! I like thinking of cool things right now, too. :) We're where it is REALLY hot, but will head back to Fall in Ohio next month.

  9. One way to enjoy the present is to combine it with looking to the future and remembering the past. You did that beautifully.

  10. Thanks for a snowy photo to help us cool off.

  11. It seems we all have high hopes for September. Me too!


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