Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five-mile creek

A few nights ago I'd just posted my blog and was searching Netflix for documentaries to watch this coming weekend. Jilda had just posted her blog and pulled mine up to read before we headed to the living room to wind down before bed.

She looked at me OVER her glasses and said, "I love the forks of the river too, but you REALLY need to find another place to shoot pictures." The next morning my blog buddy Julia commented that she liked my photos but would like to see ones shot without the filters.

I was thinking about those things today when I finished up at work. Instead of my normal stop at the forks, I decided to run by a park on Five-Mile Creek. It's owned by the City of Graysville but is only a few miles from where I work.

The weather was remarkable and I had not pressing appointments or chores, so I rolled the windows down in my truck and drove to the park.

There's a two-lane concrete bridge that spanning Five-Mile Creek. The bridge is part of the old highway 78 which was the main thoroughfare from Memphis to Birmingham.  I vaguely remember traveling over this bridge when I was in grammar school before the new (old) highway 78 was finished.

My family was headed to Birmingham one morning after breakfast and we got behind an eighteen wheeler that grinded gears to slow down before crossing the bridge, and then groaned as it slowly crawled up the hill on the other side of the bridge with its load of steel.

The city cut a path down to water's edge to make it easy for people to get down there and fish or put a canoe in the water.

The rocks blocking entry to both ends of the bridge are perfect for high-school graffiti.

I decided I liked the place. The next time I go, I'll throw my fishing equipment in the truck and see if the small-mouth bass are biting.

So Jilda and Julia, am I on the right track?


  1. I am neither Jilda nor Julia but I do think you're on the right track....(and just what is the story with those graffitied rocks?)

    Ms Soup

  2. Oh wow, I love this photo and are we going to see your name on the rock soon? Yes, I think you're on the right track Rick. Thanks for the good laugh, you're a good sport.
    I think you deserve a hug.

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      Can I have a hug, too?

  3. Not all excellent photos have to reflect natural beauty. This one shows that our kids still have the spirit and spunk we had.

  4. I love parks but I really get crazy over the graffiti.

  5. Rocks with graffiti stimulate my imagination. I can conjure up so many scenarios of what happened. Jilda and Julia gave you good advice.

  6. I do prefer that graffiti be on rocks than buildings... One never sees the same picture of nature, if it is taken from the exact spot over and over again.
    Have a great Sunday. I think I will await another refrigerator. ;-)

  7. I dislike Grafitti where ever it is.

  8. I like that graffiti and wonder if they were 2 85 year old people giggling and think they are doing something against the law when they sprayed that rock. I like this picture.


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