Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The best camera

I pulled into the parking lot at the forks today. Normally there would have been people sitting in lawn chairs, with kids and dogs running about, but today there was no one.

I coasted up to the edge of the pavement and rolled the window down before turning the key off. Looking down river I could see a tinge of gold edging into the leaves of the oak and hickory trees. It's a subtle shift but it will become more pronounced in the coming days.

The sky was blue as a pool, and sitting up there about 30 degrees above the surface was a 3/4 moon the color of bone.

I tried to snap a picture, but without my "good camera" it's hard to tell just how magnificent it was. But I've come to realize the best camera is the one you have with you...maybe I read that somewhere but it's true.

The beauty of camera phones is not the quality of the picture, but the fact that you usually have one with you at all times allowing you to capture incredible moments because you had a camera in your pocket.



  1. I hope one day to convince my skeptical to try Arley again. If so I must visit your 'Forks', I always enjoy your ability to paint a picture before you snap it.

    BUT tomorrow we head for Florida, Sherry had an appointment to have her eyes checked to say the operation was a success, they cannot say less. LOL After all I dropped all dem drops. Take care my friend...

  2. There are so many times that I am driving and see something that I would like to preserve. Unfortunately by the time I would be able to pull over to safely take a picture the moment has passed.

  3. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Beautiful, just as I expected!!

  4. I don't have a cell phone but I inherited my son's, which has no service but takes pretty good pictures, although I'm not the photographer you are.

  5. I agree. Having camera on your phone is great. I'm thankful for mine. I use it more than not these days.

  6. I think you captured it just fine! I can see the subtle changes around here too...dogwoods have the red berries and red tinged leaves are coming on too. I noticed some orange and gold leaves on trees when we were driving home from the airport yesterday. The highs were only in the 60's yesterday. I'm not silly enough to think it won't get warm again, but it has that "end of summer" feeling! Enjoy your day!

  7. I love your love for life no matter what hits you for that day. This photo is so striking-it reminds me of some colours I can use on a card

  8. Rick, I admire your ability to take the right photo but I would also like to see the same photo side by side a plain photo and one that you doctored with different settings or filters.

  9. A good eye is the most important thing in taking pictures. You got it!


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