Saturday, August 08, 2015

Getting the news at the forks

It was brutally hot here again today. There wasn't a lot on my agenda, but I cleaned out my closet earlier this week and I staged boxes to the living room in preparation for a run to the thrift store.

I knew if I left them out of sight, they would remain there until I tired of stumbling over them, so I put them on the bench where Jilda and I would see them daily.

So today I loaded my truck and hauled the stuff off. Even with just a small amount of decluttering, I can already breathe better.

The next step is the mountains of magazines. We have them under tables, in baskets, stacked in the bedroom, my office, and the laundry room. They're history. They don't know it yet, but color them gone.

This evening I stopped by the forks of the river to get "the news." All my old buddies that live around there bring their lawn chairs and gather in the shade near the water's edge. Even when the mercury is in the stratosphere, the water there is in the 50s. With water that cool, the breeze turns the forks into a silent air conditioner. Well, it's not totally silent. You can hear the great blue herons and other waterbirds fussing over supper. Also, there is a family of otters that make an appearance each evening.

Today the forks was a beehive of activity with people stopping by just to spend a little time by the water. But even with people around, the forks is still peaceful.

Even though most of the guys who gather there are my age and older, most of them still work hard during the day. Leo is over 70, but he still cuts the grass for "older" widow women who attend his church.

After a hard day's work, there is no better place to unwind than spending a little time at the forks because it feeds your soul...I know it feeds mine.


  1. I feel relaxed just reading about it.

  2. The forks sounds lovely. I wish there was such a gathering place here.

  3. Every one needs a special spot that feeds their souls. I'm glad you found yours!

  4. How beautiful to spend time with nature even with chatting with the buddies. I love otters and how they love to have fun. Blue herons are so majestic. I want to get into the magazines also-I have a ton! Some I will keep but others will also be history.

  5. It's amazing how decluttering is freeing. How lucky for you to have such a place at the river forks to relax with friends and neighbours catching up on news.

    I used to be a magazine junkie and after a while they pile up. They were like wish books. Then one day I realized that how much money I foolishly spent on those. I put them all in the recycle tubs and put them at the curb. I remember how freeing it was.

  6. Those informal gatherings create such a camaraderie.Just folks settling in to enjoy each others' company. Sharing of the local comings and goings keeps us aware of how the community is doing. It is a great tradition.

  7. I'm closing my eyes and imagining the feel of the breeze and the scent of the water.

  8. I love that picture and the meaning I get from the entry. I think it is great, a place like the forks, it even sounds better than the barber shop. Always a pleasant visit at Life 101. One can neer graduate from that course....

    From Cheyenne, Wyoming.

  9. Every time I hear how hot it is down South I think of you and Jilda. Looks like you have a "cool" spot to escape to! I'm a magazineaholic! I take them to work when I finish reading them. Even doing that I have to purge every once in a while.


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