Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Last night after yoga I stepped outside while Jilda talked with one of the new folks who attended.

Off in one direction you could see clouds gathering on the horizon and moving toward us from the south. But to the west, the sun settled below the horizon.

A quarter moon looked almost as if someone had pinned it there as an afterthought.

Cameras can never do the sky justice when the light is tricky, but I'm compelled to try. The picture I shot with the normal camera setting was unremarkable, but this one looked a little more interesting.

This week was fall registration at the school. Each day I've seen kids with confused looks on their faces looking for the computer lab or the bookstore.

This summer I've had the courtyard to myself. I could sit at the tables or on short brick walls in the shade to enjoy the sun, breeze and a quiet that is rare on a college campus. But those days are gone for another year.

It's exciting to see kids begin the next phase of their lives. Seeing the look in their eyes, gives me hope.


  1. It is nigh impossible to remember back to school age. I was never in college (much to my regret) but I remember being lost in the few NEW schools I attended. It always took awhile for me to feel apart. I imagine it is like that with the new college students.
    An entry to make you think.

  2. I love that you and your wife attend yoga classes together. What a wonderful thing to share.
    That picture captured the sky beautifully.
    Oh wow, it's already time for school again? I feel like this year is just running away.
    I hope you're having a great week.

  3. The younger generation always inspires hope. I love the night sky.

  4. I was a college art instructor years ago and you remind me of that look in the students' eyes. Eventually, the bureaucracy got to me and I moved on to other things.

  5. I admire teachers so much. I have taught on a part time basis and I know it is not for me. I do not have the patience. All those bodies breathing at the same time is enough to make me want to hide in the closet. You are my idol.

  6. I remember those bewildered days. I am so glad I am not returning to classes:) Love this picture-very moody

  7. I know what you mean often the photo really doesn't do justice to the scene but a good job anyway


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