Tuesday, August 04, 2015

If every day were a picnic

I've been walkin' wonky lately. I'm not sure why they sometimes flare up and cause so much grief. I decided to go in for the shots, which in the past have given me relief.

Today was the day, so I headed out from work to my appointment. The doc was late and that always makes me huffy and what not, but when he came in, I realized what he'd been doing. He had three young doctors in tow and he was teaching/demonstrating how to do the various procedures.

A short time later they were shooting medicine in my knees with needles that felt as fat as sausages. I'll get a shot in each knee for the next two weeks. I'm excited.

The exercise routine I've been following must be altered until after the shots, so it looks like I'll be doing more creative things that have less impact on my aching joints.

It's been a long day so I'm about to ice these babies down for a while before crashing for the evening.

I was beginning to feel a little sorry for myself until I remembered that if every day were a picnic, you'd grow tired of hot dogs and ice cream.


  1. Time for your 3000 mile check up and lube.

  2. It's good to see the positive side of life... I try to remind myself of the same thing when life is a little tough. I hope your knees feel better soon xox

  3. Oh boy can I relate! I would get the doc to shoot me up at work...once he drained 60cc. of fluid out of my left knee then injected the cortisone. I sure hope it helps you and gets you through so you can get back to walking and enjoying the summer. Love the pic of the sunflowers!

  4. Poor knees. Mine bother me sometimes (a lot) too. You will be up and about soon.

  5. Dang, what a great close! Perspective.
    Methinks that sentence deserves a place on my bulletin wall.

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    If you get tired of hot dogs & ice cream, there's always fried chicken & potato salad--hope your knees feel better!!

  7. Hope you get pain free soon. Sore knees is certainly not a picnic. I started taking fish oil capsules with Omega-3 , three times a day and it seems to help but it's not a quick fix.
    Great picture of happy sunflowers.

  8. We never truly appreciate what we have until we don't. I do love sunflowers but have seen a one here this year. Usually a few strays from the bird feeder will pop up and grow. So thanks for sharing yours.

  9. Hi Rick. I too know how those needles feel. The last one was so painful I almost passed out. Never had that happen before. Yesterday I got one in my heel. I heard how painful it was but it honestly wasn't as bad as the knees. They did tell me I need to see an orthopedic surgeon. Replacements are definitely in my future. :-(

  10. If every day were a picnic, ants would be public enemy number #1. When my legs get sore and nerve issues flare up, I get acupuncture, which works well for me.

  11. I never have a problem with student doctors but I know Tim doesn't like it when our GP has a student with them but I am ok they have to learn somehow

  12. If you don't get your knees fixed, you'll forget how to kneel.


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