Saturday, August 01, 2015

Good Saturday

I threw steaks on the grill, poured a glass of red wine,  pulled up a lawn chair and watched the final moments of the setting sun.

The dappled light highlighted the crepe myrtles blooming in the canopy. We planted the crepes many years ago and I've never pruned them. As a result, they are more crepe myrtle trees than bushes.

I captured this shot leaning back in my chair and shooting straight up. The contrasting color watermelon (that's the actual name of the color) blooms against the green of the water oak foliage is stunning.

After the steaks, Jilda grilled some romaine lettuce to go with the Irish potatoes that had been languishing in the oven.

I popped in a movie we love entitled Salmon Fishing in Yemen. After we ate, both of us faded midway through the movie. We'd worked hard around the house doing chores that had been long left undone.

I have a feeling it will be an early evening here. I hope your Saturday has been a good one too.


  1. You've earned that good meal and early evening.

  2. Oh that is a beautiful shot! I actually like the name:) Love that movie! It is such a great under-rated film with a wonderful philosophy

  3. A nice grilled steak and a glass of red wine will make you a little sleepy for sure.

  4. You have a good life and sounds like a good Saturday!

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      That says it ALL!!

  5. You sure painted a beautiful picture of a great evening.. Now I hope I can plan one that good on out next trip in a rustic camp ground...
    Good on you.

  6. You described a perfectly lovely relaxing evening. The straight up shot of the canopy of the tree is soothing.

  7. It sounds like a great way to have a relaxed meal. I'm always too much in a rush when I prepare a meal as my husband is always ready to go somewhere or back in the field.



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