Sunday, August 16, 2015


We took a long nap after lunch today. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, but I heard a rattle on the roof. When I opened my eyes and looked out the front windows, the falling rain looked like fog. 

I raised up on one shoulder to get a better look. Even through the rain, the rose of Sharon bushes were full of cardinals. I tried to snap a picture, but the images looked ghostly and distant. So I laid my head back on the pillow and watched them through the rain.

We needed the rain. It hasn't been dry here, but the rain has been sporadic. The garden is surviving, but not thriving. My mother-in-law Ruby said, "You can keep a garden alive on city water, but it won't be happy."

When I walked down this afternoon and leaned on the fence for my daily progress report, I realized that it did in fact look happy.

I had to pick up some milk and dog food this morning while Jilda straightened up in the house. On  the way home, I drove by the forks. There wasn't a soul there. I sat for a few minutes before heading home. I snapped the picture below.

I hope you all have a remarkable week. 


  1. It's going to be hot here today. 91.4 °F. and I've been watering my plants. The ground is dry and we could do with a good downpour but it been great weather for haying second cut.
    Nice lush green photo of the Forks.

  2. rain is refreshing! And soothing as well. it's nice to just enjoy it sometimes. What a beautiful picture!

  3. I love the picture. You really have a great place there for some refreshing moments. Rain does renew and revitalize things. My wilting flowers perked right up after the rain we had.

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    We could use some nice cool rain here in Los Angeles--it's going to be 93 today!!

  5. Imma tell you, I like Ruby and the picture. Good entry. NC could sure use some water.... You have a good week out your way!

  6. We are to get rain tomorrow and my hubby is replacing our bedroom window. It will be a long day for him. It is around 93 here and humid which I hate. I love the visual of the cardinals on the bush and this picture you show here is just so peaceful. I miss the country.

  7. The whole world looks clean after a good rain. And I love lying in bed watching the world take its shower.

  8. I'm about ready for some rain. It's been a long time.

  9. The sound of rain on the roof is a bloody great one I like it when it rains at night and is nice and sunny during the day


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