Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday stuff

Jilda and I had eye exams today. I knew my vision had changed this past year because everything my eyes fell on looked as if it were wearing a sweater.

The eye doc confirmed my suspicions so my glasses will get a little thicker...I'm excited.

On a sad note, one of our chickens was slaughtered in the pen a few nights ago. When I examined the carcuss, I knew immediately it was a raccoon.

I baited our humain trap with sardines the next evening and the following morning I had a fat raccoon in the cage.

His zipcode changed. I released him in the cemetery where my mom and dad are buried. It's a remote rural place with a creek nearby.

I'll leave the trap set for a few more days to catch any siblings that come looking for their big brother.

It's been raining here for over a week. I wish there was some way we could share with our friends in California.

I hope you all have a  great Thursday.


  1. I did not know raccoon were so predatory.

  2. Nice of you to change his ZIP code. ;-) I like that.

  3. I thought raccoons were herbivorous except for maybe small insects. I learn something new every day.

  4. It's been raining her who? Not Jilda, I hope. It was very kind of you to provide the raccoon with a new neighborhood.


  5. So sorry about your poor chicken and good riddance to that bandit. I hope he likes his new address.
    New glasses will make a big difference.

  6. Glad you just relocated the varmint and didn't turn it into a coat.

  7. Raccoons are a big nuisance to chicken owners in our neighborhood too...same with Fox. We had tons of rain all summer and now it's gotten dry..almost too dry...I'm hoping it rains while we're gone so I still have a garden when I get home!

  8. Oh those bandits can do some damage so glad you caught him otherwise he will have too much of a taste for chicken. I am glad that you did not kill him like so many people would have done.


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