Sunday, August 09, 2015

Song Titles

If I were a song title tonight, some of the choices might be:

Heat Wave ~ Linda Ronstadt

Heat of the night ~ Brian Adams

Too Hot ~ Kool and the Gang

Hot Fun in the Summertime ~ Sly & The Family Stone

Or maybe The Heat is On ~ Glenn Frey

Any of these would work tonight. We're under a heat advisory. At 6:30 this evening, the heat index was 106.

I'm taking a shower and hitting the sheets.

I used a similar picture recently.  You're welcome to send me a picture
to use if you don't like this one :)
Stay cool.


  1. Oh my... I would fry in my own bit of fat at that temperature. You might consider building a heat shelter. My brain would melt. Great song titles for the occasion.
    Here, it was cool this morning and felt like fall already. What's with this weird weather?

  2. I don't know how any one could do much in heat like that, cool showers would definitely be a welcome thing. Makes me glad I live in northern Ohio and ashamed that i wilt when we hit mid 80's. We've had just a few 90 degree days, but more than not I've been inside in the air conditioning. Take care !

  3. I always think of "Hot time summer in the city, back my neck gettin dirt and gritty."

  4. Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction. I Wish It Would Rain, Suzy Snowflake, Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening, Baby It's Cold Outside. How are those for wishes?

  5. That's reeeaaaalllyyyyy hot. I wish I could lend you my air conditioner.

  6. Holy hot tar Batman....I would have to send you a pic of our last winter...all that snow might cool you off! I hope relief comes soon but not by way of a severe thunderstorm or tornado!


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