Friday, August 21, 2015

The early years

I've tapped the letters off my keyboard tonight and I came up empty. The weather has made the landscape unphotogenic so using a great picture wasn't an option.

So I had to dig deeply tonight. Going through some old photographs I found a picture taken of Jilda and me along with our friend Dale Short.  It was the Friday after Thanksgiving 1969. We talked Jilda's parents into letting us go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. An overnight stay wasn't in the cards, but we could leave early, make the five-hour drive (one way) and be back before bedtime.

It was a fun trip. I remember just after this photograph was taken, it began to snow. That night when we got back home, we were bone tired, but smiling.

We haven't been to Gatlinburg in years, but I've been wanting to go. Maybe I can talk Jilda going the Friday after Thanksgiving. That day will be here in the blink of an eye.

Have a great weekend.


  1. The picture made me smile--just like kids to interpret the sign that way. I'll bet y'all went around calling each other "Maloney" after that.

  2. Just to sat hi and enjoy the picture you are going to publish. I like it!
    We just returned form Durham and plans...

  3. What a wonderful memory! Yes, I think you should go !

  4. A great memory photo an∂ I like how everyone got into the photo. Who took the photo? Maybe you should make a return visit and stay overnight. Your parents won't disapprove.

  5. Excellent demonstration of the "Maloney Point". Fun photo!

  6. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Go to Gatlinburg--& have fun!!

  7. Youth and of times. Most of the time.

  8. Gatlinburg is one of my favorite places. I have not been there in years. If you go have fun. It is easy to do there.

  9. Ha, the thought of cool weather is so pleasant.

  10. Oh I love this picture! The clothes and style and the fun reminds me of some great 60's songs that would go with this image.


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