Saturday, March 11, 2017

A change in the weater

The difference in foliage is remarkable few hours south, and west of here. As part of Jilda's birthday gift, we went out of town yesterday. While the weather here has been stunning, it was even stunninger (is that a word?) in Mississippi.

You could spot a difference even in South Alabama. While the tips of the highest branches in the oak and hickory sport a hint of green at the tips here, further south, the leaves have vaulted out. The redbuds are in full bloom along with another tree with red flowers that I can not name.

Driving through one small Mississippi town, the sides of the road were weeping with wisteria blossoms. I rolled down the window to see if I could catch a hint of the scent. The only way I can describe how the wisteria blossoms smell is a smell from my childhood. The big purple bubblegum the size of a golfball. Chewing that gum gave your teeth and jaws a workout. And it left your mouth and teeth a vivid purple. Wisteria smells like that bubblegum.

We passed one beautiful old southern home situated on the corner lot of small Mississippi town. The landscape of the yard was stunning without looking as if the owner had a crew of landscape architects. The front yard had several dogwoods in full bloom along with red azaleas. It was beautiful.

A car behind me and narrow streets kept me from pulling to the side to snap a picture. So I took a mental picture.

This morning when we headed out, the temps had dropped like a stone. By the time we hit the highway the rainfall began.

A friend in Nashville which is a few hours in the other direction posted a video on Instagram of snow falling in hear yard. The weatherman says flurries could fall here tomorrow.

We'll see what effect a cold snap has on the green stuff.


  1. The flowers in your photograph remind me of jewels.

  2. We've been having ups and downs with our weather too... the last few days gave really cold. .. I'm hoping it won't last long. It's cool when a scent will bring back good memories xox

  3. One cannot out guess mother nature. And Not a whole lot we can do if we get a cold snap but protect the tender ones under our care. I do hope this cold snap down south doesn't too terrible damage to tender blooms.
    Love those small Mississippi towns. We lived in Biloxi when it was a small town, well much smaller than now. LOL

    Happy birthday to Jilda.

  4. Spring is a delightful time of year. Life affirming and joyous. I hope your cold snap doesn't linger.

  5. I so wish you had taken a photo of those roadside Wisterias in bloom. Such a pretty sight it must have been. Love those dogwood blossoms.
    It's bitter cold here again today.
    Have a good week ,Hugs

  6. Yep; it is the beginning of spring.

  7. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Wear a sweater!!

  8. Beautiful pictures, Rick --both mental and photographic, and happy birthday to Jilda.

  9. Time isn't the only change I guess! We're under a winter advisory for 5-8 inches of snow by Tuesday. Thankfully only a few patches of green here so hopefully we'll have a lovely Spring one of these days! Enjoy those flakes if they do come down in your yard!

  10. The dogwoods are blooming early this year.

  11. Still winter here! Happy Birthday Jilda!


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