Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Tote that barge, Lift that comma

The rain moved out sometime after midnight. Jilda teaches an early-morning class on Wednesday, so we were up at 5 a.m. 

I punched the brew button on the coffeemaker as she got her yoga britches on. Shortly after she sat down to sip the steaming mug of coffee we noticed a bank of fog move in. Maybe it was there earlier and obscured by darkness, but it looked as thick as soup.

Apparently, it looked worse than it was because she easily made it into work. By the time she returned, the sun was out.

We munched a bowl of granola before heading out for our morning walk. Outside the garden gate, I stepped over to check on the blueberry progress. I'm happy to report that all bushes are loaded with blossoms. This means we should have another bumper crop.

We still have bags of frozen blueberries from last year. The husband of one of our friends is undergoing chemo for throat cancer and he'll be on a liquid diet for weeks. Jilda sent her a note and suggested doing blueberry smoothies for breakfast. The woman thought that was a great idea. We took her a gallon bag of blueberries to get started.

Today has been a gift. Both Jilda and I have spent a great deal of time on writing chores. She had a column due, and I had three due today. Tote that barge, lift that comma.

We finished up and I'm surprised I had anything left for tonight's blog. 

I hope you all have had a remarkable day.


  1. Blueberry smoothies sound wonderful. I do hope your friend enjoys them.
    And I am super impressed (again) at what you and Jilda achieved in the day. And a tad jealous about your blueberry bounty.

  2. I like days like that when I can accomplish what I set out to do. It makes up for the days that are non productive.

    It should be a bountiful season. Blueberry smoothies sounds like a healthy drink for your friend who is recuperating from throat cancer. I hope that she makes a total recovery.

  3. I hope the bumper crop comes in! Also it is nice to hear of friends helping friends especially at such a time. It is hard to imagine the mental anguish at that family, where a good deed brings some LIGHT!
    Good visit!

  4. Congratulations on accomplishing so much. Smoothies are a good idea. They taste good and can provide a lot of nutrients. Hopefully they will help calm the stomach when the nausea hits. I don't know if it will be a recommended part of his diet but I have found that adding a bit of malt powder can help settle an upset stomach.

  5. I always get a giggle when someone uses the word "Britches".
    I'm not a smoothie person but somehow a smoothie using fresh blueberries sounds delicious right now.

    1. Anonymous2:47 PM

      A smoothie using fresh blueberries ALWAYS sounds delicious to me!!

  6. I bought blueberries and everything else I needed to make my son's beloved blueberry crumble--except I forgot the butter. My son has my car so he can work on it. I told him if he wants blueberry crumble, he has to bring home the butter (not the bacon).


  7. Feel free to send me some blueberries. I love them and here in Oregon they're expensive.

  8. Beautiful photo, especially with raindrops on the leaves. I have a special fondness for that effect.

  9. I am not a fan of blueberries or any berries to be honest, Leo loves berries although a great photo


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