Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rooster ruckus

The last few months, every morning is a crowing fest. Somehow we wound up with three roosters. This wasn't a problem when they were younger because their boy junk hadn't developed enough to understand where they fit in. We have Zeus, an old rooster we've had for years and he kept everything in line. But as the young roosters matured, things got combative. Each bird trying to stake out territory. They ALL wanted to service the hens.  

A few days ago there was a rooster ruckus in the backyard and when I went out there, feathers were flying.

I made a decision to rid myself of at least one of the boys. We decided the youngest one was the one we'd give away if we could find him a home.

I put a picture on Facebook and several people expressed an interest, but no one had a pen and chickens are a commitment.

Today, when I went to the feed store to pick up some scratch feed, I asked the proprietor if he knew of someone who needed a rooster.

A guy in line buying scratch feed asked, "What kind of rooster." I had no idea what kind, so I told him he was a white rooster.

I remembered that I had taken a picture of the young bird and I flipped to the picture and showed the guy. He immediately said he'd love to have it. He went on to say that he had four hens and he was about to go to a local trade day and buy one. I told him I'd give him this one. The deal was done.

This afternoon, I loaded up the young rooster and met his new owner near the river. The guy said he had to get the rooster home and turn on the heat in the chicken roost. Sounds like my young feathered friend hit the lottery with his new home.


  1. He hit the cock-a-doodle jackpot!

  2. He is a beauty. Hopefully there will be some good looking chicks soon.

  3. Love true stories and this one was great !


  4. Win/win/win. You win, the guy in the store wins and the hens and rooster win.

  5. Being in the right place at the right time paid off great for both of you and the poor rooster. I hope he's be happy there but I bet he was hoping for more than 4 chicken.


  6. The young rooster now has his own concubine and will feel like a king. I think many men would envy him:)

  7. An attractive bird, but I understand why you needed to find him a different home.

  8. Joeh said it right off the bat. It is always nice to get an answer when you aren't expecting it.
    Young Mr. Rooster will be proud!!!

  9. So glad your lil fella found a good home!!! I reached out to son and DIL (their rooster was killed last Fall), but after losing another egg-bound hen, they've agreed to just let the 'herd' dwindle, sans fellas.


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