Friday, March 03, 2017

Cowboy Jordan

The phone rang just after we sat down to drink our coffee. It was a fashion emergency from our niece next door. This week has been Dr. Suess week at the grammar school where my great nephew Jordan goes, and today was cowboy day. He needed a hat. He had the plaid shirt, the shoes, and the cowboy look, but he needed a hat.

Not to worry Jilda told them Uncle Rick has several to choose from. I knew which hat he wanted. It's my straw cowboy hat that I wear when I cut grass.

Every time he comes over and I have it on, it winds up on his head. He loves that hat. It's too big for him, but when he puts it on, he "owns" it so it works.

This afternoon, his mom asked us if we could pick him up from school. I needed help picking out veggies at the local produce stand, and Jordan is a young veggie savant. He can pick good produce. I'm not sure how he does it, but he's never steered us wrong.

Today has been delightful here at the Watsons. I trust you all have had good ones too.


  1. That does sound like a wonderful day. I hope many more follow it.

  2. Oh I think that you need to get yourself a new cowboy hat to mow your lawn. This one has Jordan written all over it. What a handsome young cowboy.

  3. Looks like it fits fine enough...I expect it will be his for real soon, don't you need a new straw hat?

  4. He really does wear that hat like he owns it. I love the relationship you two share.

  5. You never disappoint when you spin a tale! Jordan makes a great cowboy dude!

  6. Anonymous12:20 AM

    You & Jordan are fortunate to be so involved in each other's lives--& to share such a deep love!!

  7. What a cute picture. I had some from my grands this week as well as they celebrated Dr. Seuss week too.

  8. Delightful day at Uncle Ricks! Kudos

  9. He looks like he could be the next Roy Rogers :)

  10. Yippee Kay Yay, cowboy!! He had a great time, as did you.


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